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    2017 Super Bowl Winner

    2017 Super Bowl Winner


    New England Patriots Vs. Atlanta Falcons 2/5/17

    Decision Logic

    Bet will finalize once the game is complete

    CLOSING IN2017-02-06 00:00:00

    2:48AM, Jan 23, 2017 UTC

    12:00AM, Feb 6, 2017 UTC

    4:23AM, Feb 6, 2017 UTC

    Early Outcome

    RESOLVED AT 9:57AM, Feb 6, 2017 UTC

    Total Volume: 1.036

    This bet has been resolved!

    The outcome was "New England Patriots"

    1.03645916 was split between 15 bettors.
    New England Patriots
    # of Bets:15
    Atlanta Falcons
    # of Bets:15


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    praine 3:39AM, Feb 6, 2017 UTC
    @Evanagreer, Why should those bets be left in? You are only fine now since the Patriots won? I agree, all bets after the game started should be refunded, as they weren't in the spirit of the bet. Sotaborn contacted Betmoose, so let's hope that they agree.
    Evanagreer 3:30AM, Feb 6, 2017 UTC
    Ah you can leave the bets as they were entered
    Sotaborn 2:22AM, Feb 6, 2017 UTC
    Don't worry guys I contacted betmoose and those bets placed after the game started should get cancled/refunded.
    jacksonbrandon 2:00AM, Feb 6, 2017 UTC
    Those bets that came in after the game started NEED to be cancelled due to unfair advantage. That's is complete BS.
    Evanagreer 1:55AM, Feb 6, 2017 UTC
    Those bets that came in after the game started better be ****ing cancelled.
    Asnoman 5:01AM, Jan 23, 2017 UTC
    You can also bet on the superbowl here: https://www.betmoose.com/bet/superbowl-li-winner-2307#bets-1

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