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BetMoose Total Hosted Volume 2015

BetMoose Total Hosted Volume 2015


As per Avalon the current amount wagered on at the start of this bet is ~12 BTC. Will the total amount of BTC wagered by January 5th, 2015 be at or above 250 BTC.

Decision Logic

Outcome will be provided by any of the admins/moderators of

Bet resolves as YES if the total amount of BTC wagered on is AT OR ABOVE 250 BTC.

Bet resolves as NO is it is below 250 BTC

Early resolution possible

CLOSING IN2014-11-02 03:35:00

2:01AM, Jun 27, 2014 UTC

3:35AM, Nov 2, 2014 UTC

12:00PM, Jan 5, 2015 UTC

RESOLVED AT 3:44AM, Jan 9, 2015 UTC

Total Volume: 0.1730

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

0.173 was split between 3 bettors.
# of Bets:2
# of Bets:3


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Avalon 10:44PM, Jan 5, 2015 UTC
It's below 250 BTC, you can resolve as No. Sorry! :( but thanks for the report
whatever 5:48PM, Jan 5, 2015 UTC
Will hold off on outcome until a moderator can resolve the bet. I don't know the results.
whatever 8:34PM, Jan 1, 2015 UTC
@ Avalon, Where are we at for volume?
Avalon 2:22AM, Sep 29, 2014 UTC
@donaldtrump - we're also working on a secret project/site update that should boost the 'total wagered' stat but not sure if it'll bring in 200 BTC of volume within 2 months. Unfortunately, this bet will likely resolve as No, unless we get a massive and quick uptake of our external API we'll release before this outcome date.
Avalon 2:20AM, Sep 29, 2014 UTC
@donaldtrump Nowhere yet, but it's cresting ~50 BTC I believe, depending if you include cancelled bets and any unmatched lay offers (we don't). Reason we aren't publishing it is the same one as why your stats are slightly off: FO bets follow different math logic for record keeping and thus it's more complicated than it may seem to link them into our stats.
donaldtrump 5:21PM, Sep 28, 2014 UTC
@Avalon - where can I see the total amount wagered?
Avalon 2:07AM, Jun 27, 2014 UTC
FYI we'll be providing the total amount wagered (auto-updating) on our home page within the next 2 weeks

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