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Biden Will Win 2020 Election

Biden Will Win 2020 Election


The Republican Party is in an increasingly untenable position — how much longer can it really refuse to recognize Joe Biden as the president-elect?

Nearly two weeks after the election, there are signs that Republicans are starting to accept reality.
President Donald Trump’s legal campaign to reverse his election loss is crumbling all around him and there’s no mathematical possibility that he can reverse margins of 10,000 or more votes in the five states he won in 2016 but lost to Biden. Meanwhile, the Biden transition is stuck in molasses, and Trump is barely addressing the coronavirus spikes across the country, let alone cooperating with the incoming administration on vaccine distribution efforts.

Decision Logic

Yes- Biden Wins
No- Trump Wins
The bet will resolve after the winner is clear beyond any reasonable doubt.

CLOSING IN2021-01-04 22:00:00

1:38AM, Nov 19, 2020 UTC

10:00PM, Jan 4, 2021 UTC

6:00PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC

RESOLVED AT 6:15PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC

Total Volume: 6.257

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

6.25738527 was split between 57 bettors.
# of Bets:57
# of Bets:54


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Blackspiody 5:42PM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC
@888 Wait until April for a 7% return (the current estimate)? Yeah, no, thank you. I'm going to enjoy my winnings from when Joe Biden won the electoral college.
cryptoman 9:33AM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC
@888 I've placed anyway a bet :-) Thanks.
Avalon 10:51PM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
@888 No there is not; and we cannot adjust it after it has bets on it. Be more careful next time. :)
888 8:54PM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
@cryptoman noted... If there's a way to change the last bet date to sooner, I'm not seeing it in the dashboard?
cryptoman 8:35PM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
@888 nice bet but there's no leech protection. A lot of folks will put last-minute bets. Betting should end at 10 days before the 2nd April.
888 6:20PM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
You too @betterment
888 6:18PM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC
@cryptoman @Blackspiody if you believe Biden won, and won't be arrested for fraud, go ahead, bet against me in a FAIR bet, that won't be terminated early:
betterment 10:28AM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC
@qwertziop Don't worry, Biden will be the president in 10 days and BetMoose will continue to be known as the sites the pays out even after huge increases in price. Some sites in the past didn't make it.
Avalon 7:15PM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC
We've reviewed the reports and this proposition logic and like in the other cases, this is a bet on the *election* of the president, not the acting president on Jan 20th. Biden is now the confirmed winner through the electoral college process as certified by Congress on Jan 6th/7th.
qwertziop 12:33PM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC
If this bet resolves to yes and Biden will not be president after January 20th, this site will be dead. Forever.
cryptoman 11:52AM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC
@888 enough. You've lost. Live with it. Next time base feed your brain with better inputs and not with the **** you find in social media. @Blackspiody, don't worry, Betmoose will solve this bet fairly. I guess they are simply overwhelmed by comments and emails by all these sore losers. No need to state that its reputation is compromised.
Rocko 8:49AM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC
U fkin sore losers...
Blackspiody 5:14AM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC
@Avalon, I think that someone has reported this so that it was sent to the moderators a SECOND time. This would clearly constitute abuse of the report feature and I would hope that whoever does this (to needlessly delay the rightful payout to the "YES" bettors) faces consequences. I've just about HAD IT with the extensions that have been allowed here. First to a fairly reasonable deadline of Jan 6th in another bet, but now for...God knows how long if the report feature is this easily exploited!!
praine 12:13AM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC
I noticed that this was paying out but someone slammed the report button before it did. A moderator needs to step in and resolve it definitively. As well as the other Jan 7 bets that Trump bettors have been slamming the report button on.
Blackspiody 12:10AM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC
This is needless delaying of what already is fact. Joe Biden won the election, as he has already received (past tense) 306 electoral votes. Betmoose's reputation is ALREADY DAMAGED by these complaining, whining losers that AGREE TO A BET THAT RESOLVES THE 7TH, then complain about the resolution date AFTER they lose. Hasn't this already gone through moderation twice? What absolute nonsense.
thor7912 11:16AM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
I agree that in this specific case of elections this year, there is no way to be 100% sure before the 20/21 of January. It should wait until after the inauguration.
888 8:14AM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
@Avalon, are you going to risk legal and social media consequences in the scenario Trump wins, but you allowed these bets to be terminated early? REPUTATION is your only real asset. And that could very much be destroyed on social media, by aiding and abetting this fraud through early termination.
888 8:00AM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
"The bet will resolve after the winner is clear beyond any reasonable doubt." You'd better believe the Insurrection Act is a very real possibility right now. And if this bet is terminated early and Trump is re-elected, I will take this to Betmoose for restitution for not only the bet amount but what I was due, and everyone else who is getting screwed should do the same. @Avalon, you're creating a ****-show for yourself by terminating this bet early.
Blackspiody 11:43PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
At this point there is just NO reasonable doubt. Seriously. Insurrection act? Biden still got (past tense) 306 electoral votes, Biden still won the election. Military tribunals? Biden still GOT (past tense) 306 electoral votes, Biden still won the election. Anything past this date is a question of who holds the presidency, NOT who won the election. Sore losers want to delay this, nothing more nothing less.
888 9:33PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
Insurrection act, military tribunals: All other avenues had to fail before those could be invoked. They're going to be invoked now. This bet IS NOT OVER until post inauguration. Everyone here should challenge this right now. Betmoose you're going to have a ****-show on your hands if you allow this bet to be terminated early.
Blackspiody 9:21PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
At this point there is just NO reasonable doubt. Seriously.
Blackspiody 9:20PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
@thor7912 You bet on a proposition that resolved and presumably paid out on the 7th. YOU agreed to this paying out today before hand, we agreed to this being resolved and paid out today. At there is just NO reasonable doubt. Thus this must the paid out today. And by the way I'm not GOING to win, I WON. Past tense. I've about had it with the Karens at the racetracks here complaining into more and more delays of payouts.
thor7912 8:48PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
@Blackspiody if you're so sure that you're going to win then what would happen if you were to wait only 13 days for it to be final?
Blackspiody 8:17PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
The president of the senate has spoken, there is NO reasonable doubt. "The votes for president of the United States are as follows, Joseph R Biden Jr of the state of Delaware has received 306 votes [...] The announcement of the state of the vote by the president of the senate shall be deemed a sufficient declaration of the persons ELECTED president and vice-president of the United States." said Mike Pence. Please don't enable unreasonable people pushing unreasonable doubts onto this election.
CrazyBrazy 6:18PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
I resolved as "yes" but also sent a report to BetMoose Staff to delay the outcome to 20\1, when the president will be identified beyond any doubt, like the decision logic says. Happy 2021.
Blackspiody 4:04PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
Blackspiody 3:57PM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
@888 Your a liar. Simple as that. The electoral college vote was cast in December. It was counted today Jan 7th. The election is over. Inauguration of president-elect is January 20th. Biden is already president-elect, according to the constitution. @thor7912 Don't give 'em any ground. The election has ended. Inauguration of the president-elect is January 20th, and Biden is already president-elect according to the constitution.
thor7912 11:16AM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
If the bet resolves in Biden's favor then the betters should have no problem waiting it out until it is beyond any reasonable doubt(as stated in the bet), when Biden will be elected on Jan, 20th.
888 9:04AM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
The ONLY Constitutional deadline is the 20th, and from now until inauguration, with the almost all but certain invocation of the Insurrection Act, this bet cannot be determined "The bet will resolve after the winner is clear beyond any reasonable doubt" until post inauguration.
888 9:02AM, Jan 7, 2021 UTC
@Blackspiody, Pence's treason was a necessary precedent before the Insurrection Act and military tribunals can be invoked. Military will expose the traitors, the fraud, and Biden and his minions will finally get what they deserve. THIS IS FAR FROM OVER.

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