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Bigblock hardfork before end of Sept. 2017

Bigblock hardfork before end of Sept. 2017


This bet is that there will be a hard fork to a Chain with larger block sizes before the end of September 2017, AND that the crippled Chain of small blocks never creates any spendable coinbases after the first successful large block on the Bitcoin blockchain is mined.

Decision Logic

For the purposes of this bet, "Chain" shall mean any block chain built on the Satoshi genesis block
Specifically, this bet resolves as YES if BOTH of the following are true:
1) there is a Chain that has a block of size strictly over 1 million bytes with at least 100 blocks built on top of it. The timestamp of that 100th block must be before the end of September 2017.
2) no one demonstrates a Chain whose blocks are all 1 million bytes or less, with at least 100 blocks built on top of the block of the same height as the first large block of the Chain in 1), with the timestamp of that that 100th block before the end of September 2017.
If either of the above are False the bet resolves as NO.

1:14AM, Dec 30, 2016 UTC

9:00PM, Sep 14, 2017 UTC

6:00AM, Oct 1, 2017 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

Reason: No one bet on it. Next time, try sharing it with others!

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