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Bitcoin above $800 before Jan 2017

Bitcoin above $800 before Jan 2017


The price of one Bitcoin in USD will rise above $800 before 01 January 2017.
The bet will resolve early if it passes $800 before then.

Decision Logic

If the Price rises above $800 USD at any time before January 01 2017 the bet will close as a YES. for verification
or for backup

CLOSING IN2016-12-20 23:30:00

6:23PM, Nov 20, 2016 UTC

11:30PM, Dec 20, 2016 UTC

2:38PM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 5:17PM, Dec 22, 2016 UTC

Total Volume: 12.54

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

12.54058134 was split between 77 bettors.
# of Bets:77
# of Bets:25


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lonewolf13 12:20AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
It was a data error.
praine 12:19AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
@AForceNinja That's because it's a new day in GMT which is what the price reports use. It passed $800 On Dec 20, but we're in Dec 21 GMT right now.
AForceNinja 12:14AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
Based off what I can see coin desk max for today is only 799.33.
praine 12:03AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC
@etile Decision logic is based on Coindesk, not Bitstamp. So while it did pass $800 on Bitstamp, it didn't pass $800 on Coindesk until sometime between 23:38 and 23:39 (not sure how to check the exact time).
etile 11:55PM, Dec 20, 2016 UTC
Bitstamp 2016-12-20 23:25:00 799.99 801.98 799.99 801.96
praine 11:53PM, Dec 20, 2016 UTC
Anyways this was a pretty poorly constructed bet, to allow for last minute sniping like this. Much fairer to have in place the format where yes bets within two weeks get refunded to prevent this from happening.
praine 11:49PM, Dec 20, 2016 UTC
I'm not 100% sure that your .04 should be deleted but the .1 at 11:39 GMT should be, and whatever is after. Maybe your .04 stands unless Betmoose can check the seconds.
sirlanka 11:41PM, Dec 20, 2016 UTC
Yes, my last bet should be deleted.
praine 11:39PM, Dec 20, 2016 UTC
It's over, srilanka's bets onwards don't count.
lewren 9:36AM, Dec 4, 2016 UTC
Bets for price-range of Bitcoin by the end of this year can be found here:
AForceNinja 3:17AM, Dec 2, 2016 UTC
This one is starting to get a little interesting

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