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Bitcoin Day Price on 2/8/15 Without Going Over!

Bitcoin Day Price on 2/8/15 Without Going Over!


What will be the final "day price" of bitcoin on Sunday Feb 8, 2015? Someone must win! The person being the closest to the final day price according to the chart on If you go to bitstamp and scroll to the chart, you can see by hovering that each day is given a "day price." Guess the day price of 2/8/15 without going over and win if you're answer is closest without going over.

Decision Logic

Example day prices at

1/7/15= $276.80
1/27/15= $263.98

We are betting at the day price of 2/8/15 and there can only be one right answer even if no one bets on the correct answer

CLOSING IN2015-02-06 20:00:00

1:16AM, Feb 2, 2015 UTC

8:00PM, Feb 6, 2015 UTC

6:00PM, Feb 9, 2015 UTC

RESOLVED AT 12:00PM, Feb 10, 2015 UTC

Total Volume: 0.2263

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "$210.11"

0.22627258 was split between 5 bettors.
# of Bets:3
# of Bets:5
# of Bets:3
# of Bets:2
# of Bets:1


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JeezusChrist 7:18PM, Mar 6, 2015 UTC
@capoeira Yeah you are right. I was very rude. How dare I. Are you okay now?
capoeira 12:13PM, Feb 10, 2015 UTC
@JeezusChrist only stupidity here is the way you think is correct to talk to a person.
JeezusChrist 12:12PM, Feb 10, 2015 UTC
If I said "Guess my age without going over" and gave you the options of 1 - 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 would it make sense? You have 5 options at guessing my age and you can't go over. So, if you bet on 40 and I am 39, you lose. Because 30 is the answer that is closest without going over. 40 is over. @sirlanka If everyone bet the 40 option and you were last to bet, the 1 would be your best option if you thought everyone was over.
JeezusChrist 12:08PM, Feb 10, 2015 UTC
@sirlanka Whatever you read that told you " The idea behind the show is that if you think everybodys guess is too high your answer should be 0 (or 1)" doesn't understand the game. If you are last that is a "strategy" but the games is a "bidding game" where you guess the price of a toaster WITHOUT GOING OVER!!! End of stupidity please. You are guessing the price of bitcoin WITHOUT GOING OVER. Do I need to hold your hand?
JeezusChrist 12:05PM, Feb 10, 2015 UTC
I don't see how anyone can be confused. The answer is $223.88. So the correct answer is the answer that comes closest WITHOUT GOING OVER. Therefore $210.11 is correct. How can I "confuse everyone here" when 6 or 7 bet and you 2 are the only ones confused.
capoeira 10:28PM, Feb 9, 2015 UTC
@JeezusChrist, so acording to what you said in your coment 210.11 won.....but you confused everyone here
sirlanka 8:37AM, Feb 8, 2015 UTC
This is a price range bet, disguised as a "Without going over" bet
sirlanka 8:35AM, Feb 8, 2015 UTC
Well, we are confused. If you want to set it up so that there can be no confusion you can delete the "without going over" part and just make the options ranges like 1-210.10, 210,11-232,54, 323,55-250.05, 250.06-271, 271,01 or higher etc. It would mean exactly the same thing and people would understand it. (I looked into THE PRICE IS RIGHT show. The idea behind the show is that if you think everybodys guess is too high your answer should be 0 (or 1), this is not how this bet works).
JeezusChrist 2:03AM, Feb 8, 2015 UTC
@capoeira - I hope to do these weekly so hope you'll bet the next game... What is meant by closest without going over is, you are selecting from 5 possible choices.... $1 - $210.11 - $232.55 - $250.06 - $271.01 So when the day price for 2/8 is established, the winning answer is the one CLOSEST WITHOUT GOING OVER- So, if $250.05 is the day price, the correct answer is $232.55 because it was closest (without going over) The next option of $250.06 is actually closer but it is OVER.
JeezusChrist 1:58AM, Feb 8, 2015 UTC
@sirlanka - What do you mean trying to confuse everyone? This is quite simple and I actually set it up so that there can be NO confusion. You are betting on the day price on 2/8/15 right? Okay, let us say for an example that the day price is $243.33. Who would win? Obviously $232.55 They would be the person who came closest without going over. So, how am I trying to confuse? If you have ever seen THE PRICE IS RIGHT game show, that is how it works.
sirlanka 12:16PM, Feb 7, 2015 UTC
the betting options should be 1-210.10, 210,11-232,54, 323,55-250.05, 250.06-271, 271,01 or higher. seems like he is doing the without going above thing to try to comfuse people because this way would obviously be much easier to understand for everybody and the results would be exactly the same.
capoeira 8:02PM, Feb 5, 2015 UTC
explain "without going over"

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