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Bitcoin new all time high in 2021

Bitcoin new all time high in 2021


Will bitcoin climb to a new new all time high of $63,729 in 2021? Or not?

Decision Logic

NEW RECORD $63,729. If price goes at any moment over $63,729, NEW RECORD wins and bet resolvers early with the bets made one week before reimbursed (leech protection) as customary on BetMoose
NO NEW RECORD means that price never went over $63,729 beyond June 11, 2021.
Coinbase will be used as reference, KRAKEN as alternate reference.

CLOSING IN2021-10-12 04:00:00

3:26PM, Jun 11, 2021 UTC

4:00AM, Oct 12, 2021 UTC

8:22PM, Nov 1, 2021 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 8:36PM, Nov 1, 2021 UTC

Total Volume: 0.1386

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "NEW RECORD $63,729.5"

0.13855867 was split between 12 bettors.
NEW RECORD $63,729.5
# of Bets:12
# of Bets:15


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Avalon 8:23PM, Nov 1, 2021 UTC
Apologies for the delay.
Zarathustra 11:03AM, Oct 21, 2021 UTC
I wrote to the admin to resolve early. Thank you for participating and good luck.
Porky 12:24AM, Oct 21, 2021 UTC
According to Google's price quotes when searching for "BTCUSD", October 19th's "close" and October 20th's "open" at midnight UTC was $64,300, October 20th's high was $66,927.40, and today's midnight-UTC "close" is $66,017.70. Whether going by the "daily close" or the intraday high, these beat even the old intraday high quite significantly. The bet has clearly resolved early. All of the bets placed in October were placed less than a week before the new high, so they all should be deleted.
Porky 9:22PM, Oct 19, 2021 UTC
Aaaand we hit $64,300+. :-)
sanko 8:36PM, Oct 19, 2021 UTC
coinbase: 64000+ Do not forget to remove leeches as per decision logic
MrnobodylifeA 10:56PM, Oct 15, 2021 UTC
shemsedin 9:19AM, Oct 14, 2021 UTC

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