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Bitcoin Price For The Rest of 2020

Bitcoin Price For The Rest of 2020


A simple bet. What will happen to bitcoin the rest of 2020? Will it close under $14,000 or over $18,000 or will it dance in between for the rest of the year? Choose early for best odds.

Decision Logic lists a closing price for bitcoin everyday. You can find it here: This bet can have only one winning selection. It can resolve early if either of the first two selections happen between now and 2021. Either Bitcoin will close at a price less than $14,000 or it will close at a price above $18,000. If neither of those happens in 2020, the third selection wins because it danced in between. Bet closes 12/15/20 to protect from massive leeching.

CLOSING IN2020-11-17 22:00:00

8:28PM, Nov 12, 2020 UTC

10:00PM, Nov 17, 2020 UTC

6:22PM, Nov 21, 2020 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 6:57PM, Nov 21, 2020 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0233

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Closing price over $18,000"

0.0233 was split between 5 bettors.
Closing price under $14,000
# of Bets:2
Closing price over $18,000
# of Bets:5
Dance between $14k and $18k
# of Bets:2


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FreedomOfTrade 10:19PM, Nov 28, 2020 UTC
You guys are doing a great job @Avalon but I think the person who creates the bet should decide their own leech policy.
oracleon 5:54PM, Nov 23, 2020 UTC
I resent being called a late leecher. When I placed my bet, the outcome was not yet known.
Avalon 5:20AM, Nov 23, 2020 UTC
If you're going by UTC time and the price graph, it closed at 18,074 on Nov 17. I'm not sure where coinmarketcap got that historical data point from. In general, we always side with earlier bettors than the late leechers. If it didn't actually cross, we wouldn't have closed it and the leechers could have gotten burned but in this case it's pretty clear and only more fair to pay out earlier bettors.
JeezusChrist 6:16PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
@Avalon Now I see how you settled the bet. On 11/18 at 4:30 UTC bitcoin reached $18k. That's fine but does not reflect the decision logic. Clearly in the description, bet logic, url link and possible bet outcomes, it states over and again... CLOSING price of bitcoin. CLOSING above, below, etc. It CLOSED above $18k on 11/20 at 23:59 UTC. Again, just saying
JeezusChrist 6:08PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
@Avalon For all anyone knew, the next day 11/20 it might close at $17k & 11/21 it might close at $16k. Meaning it never closed above $18k. Hence the bet would still be alive. If anyone bet BEFORE it closed above $18k, they risked it dropping. So to say it was known 11/18 at 4:30 UTC is simply untrue. The close price 11/18 was 17,804.01 Anyway, just saying....
JeezusChrist 6:03PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
@Avalon Now I realize you guys did not understand the bet. Impossible for it to be known on 11/18. Read the description and logic. The bet stated the "closing price of bitcoin" according to CMC. So how could a closing price be known on 11/18 if it closed at 17,804.01 on 11/18. Then it closed 11/19 at 17,817.09
Avalon 11:02PM, Nov 21, 2020 UTC
@JeezusChrist the outcome was known Nov 18th at approximately 04:30 UTC. We have resolved it a few hours before that which actually only affected 1 anonymous bettor @ 0.02. The other wagers were placed after outcome was known. We do not have an official leech policy, but for bitcoin price bets, we typically resolve a few hours or up to a day prior to outcome known time unless host specifies otherwise in the logic.
JeezusChrist 6:58PM, Nov 21, 2020 UTC
I settled this market. However, I had nothing to do with the bets that were refunded. I did not even know there was a leeching policy. If you have questions regarding that, talk to Betmoose. Or if they could comment here to the specific policy, that'd be great!
JeezusChrist 5:17AM, Nov 21, 2020 UTC
I have reported the bet to be closed/settled. BetMoose has a policy on leeching? Where does it say that bets placed within 7 days are refunded? If that is not the policy, then any bet prior to 23:59 UTC on 11/20/20 should count. Otherwise, BM will refund the late bets.
FreedomOfTrade 12:11AM, Nov 21, 2020 UTC
Say sike right now @d_d
d_d 8:53PM, Nov 20, 2020 UTC
Hopefully bitcoin crashes today cause otherwise all [over $18,000] bets that were placed within 7 days will be likely refunded as per usual Betmoose leech protection policy.
JeezusChrist 6:33PM, Nov 20, 2020 UTC
Just so it is clear: The "closing" price happens at 23:59 UTC every day. If the outcome becomes known on any day, any bets placed after the known outcome will be canceled and returned. Only bets placed prior to a known outcome will count.

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