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Bitcoin price to hit $299.99 or lower in 2014?

Bitcoin price to hit $299.99 or lower in 2014?


Will Bitcoin Finish a day at of $299.99 or less before Jan 1, 2015? YES means that Bitcoin will record a day of $299.99 or less and NO means that everyday will be at or above $300. We will be using the bitstamp chart located here When hovering over any day, it will show you the start/end price for that day. Will any day between now and Dec 31, be at or below $299.99?

Decision Logic, scroll to the chart. Hover over any day for the official "DAY" Price. If any date between bet day up to and including the price given on Dec 31, 2014, is @299.99 or less then the bet resolves YES, if it only shows $300 or up, bet resolves NO

CLOSING IN2014-12-01 07:55:00

9:12AM, Nov 4, 2014 UTC

7:55AM, Dec 1, 2014 UTC

6:00AM, Jan 2, 2015 UTC

RESOLVED AT 9:55AM, Jan 4, 2015 UTC

Total Volume: 0.1153

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "NO, BTC will be $300 Plus"

0.11528185 was split between 5 bettors.
YES BTC LESS $299.99
# of Bets:3
NO, BTC will be $300 Plus
# of Bets:5


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