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Bitcoin price volatility for August 2014

Bitcoin price volatility for August 2014


What will be the difference between the maximum and minimum prices of BTC in US dollars during the month of August, 2014?

Decision Logic prices will be used. If Bitstamp becomes unavailable before the outcome, the largest available exchange will be used.
The price volatility will be calculated as the difference between the maximum price and the minimum price between the beginning of August 1 and the end of August 31. UTC time.

CLOSING IN2014-08-17 23:00:00

3:58AM, Jul 25, 2014 UTC

11:00PM, Aug 17, 2014 UTC

11:00PM, Aug 31, 2014 UTC

RESOLVED AT 3:19PM, Sep 1, 2014 UTC

Total Volume: 0.1950

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was ">= $100, < $200"

0.195 was split between 7 bettors.
< $50
# of Bets:0
>= $50, < $100
# of Bets:6
>= $100, < $200
# of Bets:7
>= $200, < $400
# of Bets:2
>= $400
# of Bets:0


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donaldtrump 3:18PM, Sep 1, 2014 UTC
High price: $607.20 (Aug 1). Low price: $442 (Aug 18). Volatility: $165.20
donaldtrump 5:11AM, Aug 26, 2014 UTC
Check out next month's version of this bet:
donaldtrump 4:47PM, Aug 16, 2014 UTC
@JeezusChrist Bitcoinwisdom is pretty good for seeing high and low prices.
JeezusChrist 3:33PM, Aug 16, 2014 UTC
@donaldtrump... Where can you see all prices. On Bitstamp I see one # per day but no $607
donaldtrump 11:59PM, Aug 12, 2014 UTC
@BitcoinGirl The price volatility is: Highest price during August - Lowest price during August. So far, the volatility is $45.30 ($607.20 - $561.90), but there's no telling how high it will go until the end of this month. The price could go way up or way down, either of which would increase the volatility. See last month's version of this bet for reference:
BitcoinGirl 11:48PM, Aug 12, 2014 UTC
That's is blond rather than blind. Can't handle my auto correct either.
BitcoinGirl 11:47PM, Aug 12, 2014 UTC
Can you explain how this gets calculated. I think highest price in August was $607 and currently trading at $566 so that is a difference of $41? Sorry but I am blind ;-)

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