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Bitcoin to top $9,000 before June 2019?

Bitcoin to top $9,000 before June 2019?


Will the price of one Bitcoin in USD will rise over $9,000 before June 2019 as per Bitstamp?

The bet will resolve early if it passes $9,000 before then.

Decision Logic

This bet will resolve early if the outcome is reached. In the case of an early outcome, ALL BETS made within 24 hours of the outcome will be deleted.

If Bitcoin is forked after the creation of this bet, the additional forks value will be added to the price.

CLOSING IN2019-05-30 21:55:00

10:16AM, Jan 3, 2019 UTC

9:55PM, May 30, 2019 UTC

11:00PM, May 31, 2019 UTC

RESOLVED AT 6:46AM, Jun 1, 2019 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0805

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

0.0804997 was split between 8 bettors.
# of Bets:8
# of Bets:11


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AForceNinja 2:27AM, Jun 3, 2019 UTC
Hopefully this is fixed before payout
HighLowBet 5:38PM, Jun 1, 2019 UTC
..but don't be put-off by any decision reversal, it's just one of those unfortunate occurrences. If that unexpected Thursday BTC spike didn't happen then the "NO"s would have clinched it.
HighLowBet 4:57PM, Jun 1, 2019 UTC
Trendlines? why where you watching trendlines instead of the actual BTC price? I'll assume it was an oversight. Nonetheless, the rules were sufficiently clear, i.e. the Bitcoin price on must reach $9000 before 1st June. That's it! There's nothing else to interpret after that. "Now what?.." Basically, the moderators will check the price, confirm the correct resolution, revise the decision, and pay out to the [YES] bettors. It was just a resolution error.
pedrobatista 2:38PM, Jun 1, 2019 UTC
This bet is very unclear. The price had a spike up to 9k but the trendline was never above that price. I noticed that but the bet was not finished so I bet anyways. Now what?..
sirlanka 10:37AM, Jun 1, 2019 UTC
@paxyquju You are correct. My bad
paxyquju 8:22AM, Jun 1, 2019 UTC
@sirlanka, Your outcome is wrong, it should be "YES". shows bitcoin hitting a high of $9072 on Thursday 30.05.2019 at 16:00. That means Bitcoin DID top $9,000 before June. Check your chart again:

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