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Bitcoin to top $900 before Sep 2016

Bitcoin to top $900 before Sep 2016


The price of one Bitcoin in USD will rise over $900 before September 1st 2016 as per Bitstamp .

The bet will resolve early if it passes $900 before then.

Decision Logic

When the difference between a given "Yes" bet time and the event time is less than 2 weeks, that bet will be refunded.

Should Bitstamp have failed or gone rogue, we will use CoinDesk index.

//Admin Edit Jun13: 'NO' bets made within 2 weeks of the outcome time (even if early resolved) are to remain in the bet.

CLOSING IN2016-08-15 01:00:00

11:44AM, Apr 22, 2016 UTC

1:00AM, Aug 15, 2016 UTC

1:00AM, Sep 1, 2016 UTC

RESOLVED AT 10:01PM, Sep 3, 2016 UTC

Total Volume: 63.63

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

63.62750019 was split between 69 bettors.
# of Bets:37
# of Bets:69


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kevinstonge 1:36PM, Sep 3, 2016 UTC
@BetMoose lots of people waiting on this.... Press the button please.
praine 3:23AM, Sep 3, 2016 UTC
praine 3:23AM, Sep 3, 2016 UTC
Hello. Can this bet please be settled now? It's been over two days since the resolution time.
kolotoure77294 7:51AM, Aug 8, 2016 UTC
There are links to each page of bets below the bets.
999silver 6:02AM, Aug 8, 2016 UTC
That worked. How did you find it?
kolotoure77294 11:14PM, Aug 6, 2016 UTC
999silver 3:17PM, Aug 6, 2016 UTC
Thanks for that. I'm trying to find the earlier bets. No obvious way to sort by date. Or sort by anything else.
praine 9:04AM, Aug 6, 2016 UTC
Well you can go back and check. Your old bets on June 11 and 12 have ROI of over 800% and that's with time multiplier of 8.735 and 8.640.
999silver 8:08AM, Aug 6, 2016 UTC
What would the ROI be if the mult was 10X? Thanks
praine 5:10PM, Aug 5, 2016 UTC
@999silver Because of the time multiplier.
999silver 1:50PM, Aug 5, 2016 UTC
With the betting at 9to1 why is ROI on yes only 196.39%
jagsbeach 2:13PM, Jul 11, 2016 UTC
@praine Well... Out of the gate it seems the mining reward ( ) was built into June. Or maybe the correlation (real cost and value perception) between mining and price is not strong. At least it's holding at 650. I'd still like to lose my No bet. @Anonymous indeed I am curious if the heavy hitter (whole integer BTC bets here and elsewhere) is the same? Anonymity respected my curiosity happily remains.
praine 10:57PM, Jun 16, 2016 UTC
@jagbeach. Yeah they are pretty good odds indeed... BTC continues to surprise me.
jagsbeach 10:50PM, Jun 16, 2016 UTC
775! @praine I may break and take the odds if this price sticks overnight.
jagsbeach 12:45PM, Jun 16, 2016 UTC
Having eta JUL10. So get your YES in JUN26 or it will be refunded. Yall.
praine 5:02PM, Jun 15, 2016 UTC
Ah, yes.
jagsbeach 4:39PM, Jun 15, 2016 UTC
right it was a shout-out to take OUR btc.
praine 4:13PM, Jun 15, 2016 UTC
@jagsbeach, I'm on your side. ;)
jagsbeach 3:47PM, Jun 15, 2016 UTC
Heck yes @praine! PLEASE TAKE MY BTC
etile 12:30PM, Jun 15, 2016 UTC
Betmoose, why are you using 10 satoshi/byte for my withdrawals? I am waiting 32 hours now, zero confs. Please increase outgoing blockchain fees.
praine 10:57PM, Jun 13, 2016 UTC
Ready to lose another one @jagsbeach? ;)

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