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Bitcoin Will Pass $1600 By the End of this Year

Bitcoin Will Pass $1600 By the End of this Year


The conditions of this bet will be satisfied if the price of 1 Bitcoin passes $1600 US dollars by December 31st 2014.

Decision Logic

Verification will be based on the average of Bitpay rates
If the Bitpay rate passes $1600 dollars any time before December 31st 2014 the condition will be met

CLOSING IN2014-12-31 22:55:00

9:12PM, May 26, 2014 UTC

10:55PM, Dec 31, 2014 UTC

10:55PM, Jan 1, 2015 UTC

RESOLVED AT 12:09AM, Jan 3, 2015 UTC

Total Volume: 3.644

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

3.64437291 was split between 36 bettors.
# of Bets:11
# of Bets:36


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freedom 8:38AM, Aug 4, 2014 UTC
Yes $1600 at some point during the year however the multiplier is a lot higher for early bids before settlement
RickyShah 2:11AM, Aug 3, 2014 UTC
So it's not $1600 on December 31st but $1600 at some point during the year?
NotSatoshi 4:38PM, Jun 15, 2014 UTC
To the mooooooon!
Avalon 4:34AM, Jun 12, 2014 UTC
Just a note on this - as the host set the deadline all the way till the end of the year, the bet will resolve early if it passes $1600 before then.
freedom 9:12PM, May 26, 2014 UTC
To the Moon

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