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BTC Price 7/4/14 above $700? JeezusChrist says YES

BTC Price 7/4/14 above $700? JeezusChrist says YES


According to bitstamp, will the bitcoin price at any one moment be above $699.99/ per bitcoin? Meaning will it be at $700 or greater.

Decision Logic

Looking at the price on July 4, 2014... If the bitcoin price ever hits $700 on BitStamp the YEA's will win and if it does not, the NAH's
Bet resolves early if outcome happens before July 5th, 2014

CLOSING IN2014-06-30 12:00:00

7:08AM, Jun 15, 2014 UTC

12:00PM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC

8:30AM, Jul 5, 2014 UTC

RESOLVED AT 5:28PM, Jul 5, 2014 UTC

Total Volume: 0.7298

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

0.7298 was split between 20 bettors.
# of Bets:7
# of Bets:20


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Deleted6 5:22PM, Jul 5, 2014 UTC
Thank you Jeezus!!!
JeezusChrist 12:23AM, Jul 5, 2014 UTC
JeezusChrist! I was wrong again! At least I was right about the second coming
walmartsoda22 11:13PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC
Looks like the No's are gonna take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
walmartsoda22 5:13PM, Jul 1, 2014 UTC
This is gonna gnarly lol, allthough im a no I am glad to be in this bet. Getting my blood flowing.
jonny 5:10AM, Jul 1, 2014 UTC
It looks like it might just happen if the price keeps trending upward like it is.
Zohann 9:05AM, Jun 30, 2014 UTC
chakudaku 10:41PM, Jun 27, 2014 UTC
It's possible...anything is possible...even getting hit by lightning twice...under the same the middle of a possible...
chakudaku 7:12PM, Jun 23, 2014 UTC
The description should have stated clearly that "if the price ever hits $700 before 7/4/14..." I am still in the bet, but next time, be more precise.
JeezusChrist 11:55AM, Jun 22, 2014 UTC
@betmoosejonny Jesus agrees. And when Jesus agrees, it's in stone!
betmoosejonny 10:00PM, Jun 21, 2014 UTC
I'm pretty sure we are due for some large movement in the price, very soon............ : )
JeezusChrist 11:56PM, Jun 15, 2014 UTC
Yes, it will only reference bitstamp pricing. And yes, if it hits $700 prior to 7/4/2014 the bet would then end early but all day on 7/4 is included.
BetMoose 11:56AM, Jun 15, 2014 UTC
Welcome! For reference we have edited the outcome determination to change a typo of (If the bitcoin price ever hits $100) to $700.
Avalon 7:14AM, Jun 15, 2014 UTC
Welcome to BetMoose, Jeezus. For clarification and future reference - this bet can resolve early ("if at any point in time.."), and it's referencing bitstamp prices only correct?

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