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BTC Price on July 6

BTC Price on July 6


Sunday to Sunday Weekly Bet: Will bitcoin price be greater than $600 on Sunday, July 6?

Decision Logic

Resolves to YES if bitcoin price is greater than $600 at resolution time on Sunday July 6, using as price reference.

CLOSING IN2014-07-05 15:00:00

3:14PM, Jun 29, 2014 UTC

3:00PM, Jul 5, 2014 UTC

3:00PM, Jul 6, 2014 UTC

RESOLVED AT 3:08PM, Jul 6, 2014 UTC

Total Volume: 1.177

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

1.17722081 was split between 25 bettors.
# of Bets:25
# of Bets:3


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Username361 3:19PM, Jul 6, 2014 UTC
price was $633.99 @ 8am PST 7/6/14 @
wotf 8:42AM, Jul 6, 2014 UTC
cool thanks :)
Username361 6:36PM, Jul 5, 2014 UTC
yes, 11am EST
wotf 5:30PM, Jul 5, 2014 UTC
11 am, is that Eastern time?
Username361 5:10AM, Jul 5, 2014 UTC
@zjbird: if it's so insanely easy, why not put 1 BTC bet on YES right now? BTC is hanging on by its fingernails at $630 with about 10 hours to cutoff time....34 hours to RESOLUTION time. Will you?
Username361 9:26PM, Jul 3, 2014 UTC
Maybe next time I'll make the cutoff Friday or Thursday next time, see what happens
zjbird 6:34PM, Jul 3, 2014 UTC
24 hours is still insanely easy to predict next-day value. Wouldn't you put a ton of money today and say it will still be worth over $600 tomorrow without even flinching?
Username361 5:11PM, Jul 1, 2014 UTC
Pretty sure that the cutoff is 24 hrs before resolution time, not one hour. When the price makes a big move like it has early in the bet time, it seems easy to say what you said. What if it tanks $100 tomorrow, though? I want to give as much opportunity as possible to play those unknowns within the week. Thanks for your bet :)
zjbird 4:15PM, Jul 1, 2014 UTC
Pretty stupid that the cut off point to place bets is an hour before the day... Should end the cut off now.

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