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Donald Trump Indicted on JAN 21 2021

Donald Trump Indicted on JAN 21 2021


Will Donald Trump be indicted on Jan 21 2021?

  • Former U.S. attorney B. McQuade has said:
    "He could face charges when he leaves office, the reason behind that policy or opinion from the DOJ not to charge a sitting president is because it would be too distracting for the president to be dealing with defending himself while also leading the country. The day he leaves office, anything that occurred on or after 01/21/2016, within 5years of the statute of limitations, would be fair game"

Decision Logic

YES: Donald Trump is charged on Jan 21 2021

NO: Donald Trump is NOT charged on Jan 21 2021

CLOSING IN2021-01-20 04:55:00

8:39PM, Nov 20, 2020 UTC

4:55AM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC

5:05AM, Jan 22, 2021 UTC

RESOLVED AT 12:40AM, Jan 23, 2021 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0029

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "NO"

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d_d 7:00PM, Nov 28, 2020 UTC
If you fancy a longterm bet on indictment, pls feel free to check this one:
Them_mooses 11:36PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
@d_d Thanks for your help! I'm finding some decent ones that I'll bet on tonight when my BTC clears into the account. My problem was that I was half expecting to find just what I wanted on the first look. I can see that I'll need to be patient for my dream bets to come up.
Them_mooses 11:28PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
@fin Thanks for the offer, but I can't see that they'd change the terms after a bet's started.
d_d 9:59PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
@Them_mooses There ain't no such thing as a free lunch! all bets are different. Sometimes you can get ridiculously high ROI for betting on rather safe outcomes such as [bitcoin not reaching $20000]: (and if bitcoin tops $20000 before December 1st. one lucky bettor is on the hook to gain 0.55 btc from just 0.01btc !!! )
fin 5:01PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
I don't think the date could be edited, but I could try and ask the mods?
Them_mooses 6:36AM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
@Ubuntanda New member here. You got me looking at that. Looking at bets started months earlier, so many early winning bets got big-time diluted by late comers who got the latest news.
Ubuntanda 4:34AM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
Great bet! There's certain to be a polarity of opinions regarding this. I'd have bet .02 BTC instead of .0006 BTC, (33 times more), if the betting had been set to end earlier. News of the likelihood of this one way or another will be piling up as the weeks pass and the clarity of the odds will become abundantly clearer. People are likely to pile on as it gets clearer if there's good bet volume here, and the 7-day rule and time multiplier don't go far enough to persuade me to bet much on this.

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