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Donald Trump Wins Second Presidential Debate

Donald Trump Wins Second Presidential Debate


Donald Trump will perform better than Hillary Clinton at the second presidential debate on 9th October as determined by scientific polling.

Decision Logic

As polls can take a few days to be published, all scientific polls released and reported by the media on or before Wednesday 13th October will be accepted.
If Donald Trump performs better than Hillary Clinton on strictly more than half of the Polls, he will have been deemed to have 'won' the debate and this proposition settles as YES.
If Donald Trump fails to performs better than Hillary Clinton on more than 50% of the scientific polls, this bet settles as NO.

CLOSING IN2016-10-09 22:55:00

10:27AM, Oct 6, 2016 UTC

10:55PM, Oct 9, 2016 UTC

10:55PM, Oct 12, 2016 UTC

RESOLVED AT 8:40AM, Oct 13, 2016 UTC

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The outcome was "No"

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knircky 1:27PM, Oct 13, 2016 UTC
Go Clinton! umpf
kolotoure77294 12:14PM, Oct 12, 2016 UTC
NBC Poll: Clinton wins 44% to 34% __ Reuters Poll: Clinton wins 53% to 32% ___ 5-0 Clinton
kolotoure77294 12:52PM, Oct 11, 2016 UTC
Third poll: POLITICO Clinton wins 42% to 28%. 3-0 Clinton
kolotoure77294 6:22PM, Oct 10, 2016 UTC
First two polls YouGov: Clinton wins 47% to 42% CNN: Clinton wins 57% to 34%
kolotoure77294 10:28AM, Oct 6, 2016 UTC
Open Access Polls are not considered. Scientific polling consists of surveying a random sample of the population in order to obtain statistically significant results.

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