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Effect of 3rd Independent Report on ECat on CYPW

Effect of 3rd Independent Report on ECat on CYPW


Andrea Rossi has submitted his LENR-based ECat to 3rd Independent Party (TIP) testing. The TIP report is overdue. Cyclone Power is a Penny stock (Symbol: CYPW) which stands to gain if the ECat technology is "real". What will the effect of releasing the report on CYPW stock price? Penny stocks are sometimes volatile in the 10-20% range. This bet will be that 3 days after the release of the report, CYPW price will be 50% greater than the 3 day previous close (day before the report).

Decision Logic

1 day prior to Date of release of report is day 0. If the TIP report is released during Eastern Standard Time trading hours 8am-4pm that is day 1. 3 days after the release of the report, CYPW stock price is recorded.

Will CYPW be 50% greater than or equal to 3 Day Previous close?

3:27AM, Jun 23, 2014 UTC

7:05PM, Mar 26, 2015 UTC

8:05PM, Mar 26, 2015 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

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kevmo 10:04PM, Oct 18, 2014 UTC
closing price 3 days later is .0015, a decrease. Time to close out this bet even though no one bet on it.
kevmo 7:25PM, Oct 9, 2014 UTC
The TIP report came out yesterday and it was positive. CYPW closing price was .0017. This news will undoubtedly have littel effect on the CYPW stock price due to other factors (management incompetence at the company, for one). This is an easy one to foresee, but I do not have any bitcoin. I put real money down on CYPW in June and it is almost all lost.
kevmo 3:31AM, Jun 23, 2014 UTC
Day 0: looking at closing price of CYPW before the TIP report Day 1: TIP report released. Day 2: News is impacting Day 3: CYPW closing price is compared to Day 0. If it has gained 50% or more in value, the YES bet wins.

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