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ETHEREUM SUCKS - gets displaced from #5 on blocktivity

ETHEREUM SUCKS - gets displaced from #5 on blocktivity


Ethereum SUCKS!
Ethereum is currently #5 on
My bet is predicting that a different coin takes the #5 place or better moving Ethereum to #6.

If you look at the stats on blocktivity the other coins are very far behind ethereum so taking this bet should be easy.

We will use the 7 day average as the criteria so you are not betting on a fluke.

Decision Logic

Ethereum moves to #6 on using their 7 day marker.

CLOSING IN2018-11-07 05:00:00

5:57PM, Oct 19, 2018 UTC

5:00AM, Nov 7, 2018 UTC

7:27AM, Nov 7, 2018 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 2:35PM, Nov 7, 2018 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0359

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

0.03590297 was split between 5 bettors.
# of Bets:5
# of Bets:8


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nsob 9:48AM, Jan 7, 2019 UTC
Two months have passed and ETH is still in 6th place.
Avalon 10:40PM, Nov 7, 2018 UTC
The ability for this proposition to resolve early was not specified in the decision logic, as such, this prop will stay locked for the next 2 months for outcome verification.
Deleted6 2:37PM, Nov 7, 2018 UTC
nsob, hey rat. I saw you bet no and then once it changed on blocktivity you changed ur bet. Coward.
nsob 10:14AM, Nov 6, 2018 UTC
ETH has moved to 6th place on the 7d average.
lewren 1:24PM, Oct 28, 2018 UTC
BTC to #6 :)
Deleted6 7:45PM, Oct 26, 2018 UTC
Get in on this bet. You dont think these coins behind ETH will pass it do you? KMD, ETC, WAVES, KIN, DOGE, I doubt it.
zoidberg 2:12AM, Oct 26, 2018 UTC
i cannot afford to bet on this, but ethereum sucks, that's for sure. I can't pay you with meth, I am just drug user but any cryptocoder helps

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