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Euro country to leave the Eurozone before April 2018

Euro country to leave the Eurozone before April 2018


The Eurocrisis is always around the corner as it in fact going on since 1914. The monster called the Euro is another failed attempt to centralize weath and control people and at one point in time some european folk will, as tradition wants, change the course of its history.
As a matter of fact it is just a question of timing before one country goes out from the Euro, as no fiat currency ever lasted long (average life is 40y) and currency unions are even more short-lived. What is hard, is to time is when and to guess which country will strike next and get out of the sinking ship. This is why this bet gives you plenty of timeframe and does not restrict to one particular country.
Who default first default best.

Decision Logic

If on March 1st 2018 one Eurozone country will have left the Eurozone, the bet resolves as YES.
Otherwise it solves as NO.
The bet will resolve early if it it happens before then. Betting period stops 3 months before end period.
Source : any major news network as Euronews, BBC, Russia Today, ARD.

2:11PM, May 19, 2017 UTC

6:00AM, Jan 1, 2018 UTC

5:00AM, Apr 1, 2018 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

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kolotoure77294 2:34PM, May 19, 2017 UTC
Thanks, my bad you're right!
Zarathustra 2:29PM, May 19, 2017 UTC
@kolotoure77294. Hello, no the UK does not count because the UK never were in the Eurozone only in the EU (they kept the Pound). In this bet we bet about leaving the EUR and the Eurozone, not leaving the EU altogether.
kolotoure77294 2:23PM, May 19, 2017 UTC
Does the UK count? They are still part of the Eurozone, so I assume so since there is nothing to say they don't count in the Decision Logic.

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