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Five Way Football Pool - NFL Week 7

Five Way Football Pool - NFL Week 7


Bet on the correct number of upsets, or bet the big upset.
Favorites listed first (points):
Blowout (10+) - CIN 10 over CLE
Touchdown (6 - 9) - DEN 7.5 over HOU, NE 7 over PIT, KC 6.5 over NO, ATL 6.5 over SD
Kick (3 - 5) - NYG 3 over LA (at London), BUF 3 over MIA, TEN 2.5 over IND, MIN 2.5 over PHI, TB 2.5 over SF
Pick (0 - 2) - AZ SEA, DET WAS, JAX OAK, NYJ BAL
Thu, bye - GB CHI, CAR DAL. Tie counts as upset.

Decision Logic

A consensus line is used to categorize games (pick, kick, touchdown, blowout). The category is then used to identify upsets (favorite loses) for kick, touchdown, and blowout categories. Games not listed do not participate (for example: the GB CHI Thursday game). *Other includes any game not final before deadline (after Monday night).

CLOSING IN2016-10-23 12:30:00

12:39AM, Oct 20, 2016 UTC

12:30PM, Oct 23, 2016 UTC

1:00PM, Oct 25, 2016 UTC

RESOLVED AT 1:36PM, Oct 25, 2016 UTC

Total Volume: 0.0600

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "SINGLE TD (Exactly one 6-9)"

0.06 was split between 2 bettors.
CHALK (No upsets)
# of Bets:1
KICK (No 6+ upsets)
# of Bets:2
SINGLE TD (Exactly one 6-9)
# of Bets:2
MULTI TD (Two or more 6-9)
# of Bets:2
BLOWOUT (10+ game upset)
# of Bets:1


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jagsbeach 12:12PM, Oct 25, 2016 UTC
Week 7 result: SINGLE TD TD Upsets (1): ATL 6.5 over SD
jagsbeach 9:43PM, Oct 20, 2016 UTC
Yes from left to right you pick increasingly unlikely or more upsets where right wins.
ahentov 6:29PM, Oct 20, 2016 UTC
So they are not equally weighted categories, but ascending (from left to right)? For example, purple category beats blue and yellow, but loses to green and brown?
jagsbeach 4:20PM, Oct 20, 2016 UTC
Hopefully this is not too confusing. Basically you look at the four teams in the Touchdown (6-9) category and guess the number of upsets from DEN/HOU, NE/PIT, KC/NO, AT/SD. If you think zero choose KICK. Exactly one choose SINGLE TD. Two or more choose MULTI TD. If you think CLE upsets CIN pick BLOWOUT and nothing else matters.

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