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German Election: Will Angela Merkel be re-elected

German Election: Will Angela Merkel be re-elected


After 8 years of a government lead by Angela Merkel, will the Germans re-elect her or choose someone else to lead them?

German federal election will be held, Sunday, 24 September 2017

Decision Logic

In order to assess this bet we will use official German data. Betting deadline is 1 day before the election and outcome date will be 1 day after the election.

CLOSING IN2017-09-23 21:50:00

4:25PM, Mar 21, 2017 UTC

9:50PM, Sep 23, 2017 UTC

7:50PM, Sep 25, 2017 UTC

RESOLVED AT 7:51PM, Sep 25, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 0.5702

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

0.57020266 was split between 30 bettors.
# of Bets:30
# of Bets:4


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BenCarson 8:33PM, Sep 24, 2017 UTC
wow what a shocker
tdeezi 5:46PM, Sep 24, 2017 UTC
BenCarson 2:42PM, Apr 15, 2017 UTC
I just don't understand why you wouldn't want to make more money for the same exact bet instead of less
sirlanka 4:50PM, Apr 14, 2017 UTC
sure, my bets might be awful. but who cares? it's just money
BenCarson 3:41PM, Apr 14, 2017 UTC
@sirlanka right, so even your bets right now, at their best, are still pretty awful. why take less money instead of more money?
sirlanka 7:04AM, Apr 14, 2017 UTC
That was his/her point
BenCarson 10:39PM, Apr 13, 2017 UTC
Yes but your odds are only going to get worse over time
Zarathustra 9:31PM, Apr 13, 2017 UTC
Ben... this is a dynamic bet.
BenCarson 4:31PM, Apr 13, 2017 UTC
Whoever just bet NO on Merkel: why did you place a bet to make 68% ROI instead of to make 110% ROI?
BenCarson 11:24AM, Apr 11, 2017 UTC
If you want to bet against Angela I'm offering 2.1 odds (110% ROI) here:

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