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Havelock Investments Will Cease to Exist before Nov '14

Havelock Investments Will Cease to Exist before Nov '14


Per, Havelock Investments will cease operations before November 1st, 2014. If for any reason Havelock announces it will end operations, is down for more then 30 days, or stops allowing withdraws for more then 30 days at any point before November 1st 2014, bet resolves as YES. If for example, the site is down Oct 31, we will wait to see if it is down for 30 days before bet resolves

Decision Logic announcement, or unable to access for more then 30 days

3:08PM, Jun 19, 2014 UTC

6:30PM, Oct 1, 2014 UTC

4:10PM, Nov 30, 2014 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

Reason: Only one option had bets placed on it. Next time, try sharing it with others!

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urizenus 12:55AM, Jul 16, 2014 UTC
I'm tempted to bet yes as a hedge. Thinking...
freedom 9:46AM, Jun 20, 2014 UTC
True dat... and lol, just noticed: "Cease" not "Seize" xD (You can edit that part whatever) For spelling errors just not the outcome determination
whatever 1:50AM, Jun 20, 2014 UTC
Gloomfrost 1:08AM, Jun 20, 2014 UTC
True dat... and lol, just noticed: "Cease" not "Seize" xD
freedom 12:06AM, Jun 20, 2014 UTC
Well there is a long multiplier on here so joins in with a bit as well but a Nope here :)
whatever 7:57PM, Jun 19, 2014 UTC
Similar bets on bitbet have gained a lot of attention, so I figured it would be a fun one to try on here.
Gloomfrost 6:46PM, Jun 19, 2014 UTC
Hmmm this is an interesting one - you think they'll be shut down? .... Going to follow this one and jump in if any Yessers come around.

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