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How Many Members Comment on Ubuntanda’s ‘Libtard’ Bet?

How Many Members Comment on Ubuntanda’s ‘Libtard’ Bet?


TeamColtra included the term ‘libtard’ in the tag words of their bet, ‘Will Melaina Dump Trump?’ Then, Ubuntanda posted a bet in the Entertainment category - ‘Will @TeamColtra Remove the Word, “Libtard?”’ Then, in the comments of Ubuntanda’s bet, a member lampooned him for getting offended by the term.

Given the unusual nature and circumstances of the above-mentioned bet where we have TeamColtra with the option to bet and effect the outcome, and also the possibility of a heated debate about the freedom in BetMoose to tag a group of people with a derogatory name without consequences, there could be numerous members commenting in Ubuntanda’s bet.

Decision Logic

At this time, Ubuntanda’s ‘Remove Libtard’ bet has one comment which is to be counted in the total. How many BetMoose members will post comments on Ubuntanda's bet before it gets resolved? Two or more comments by any member count only as one comment. Comments posted after the Outcome Date of this bet will not be counted. If Ubuntanda's bet gets cancelled before the resolution date of this bet, then the number of valid comments posted up until said cancellation becomes the winning number for this bet.

7:27PM, Nov 26, 2020 UTC

7:00AM, Dec 8, 2020 UTC

7:00AM, Dec 17, 2020 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

Reason: One outcome can be easily swung.

1 to 6 comments
# of Bets:0
7 to 11 comments
# of Bets:0
12 to 16 comments
# of Bets:0
17 or more comments
# of Bets:0


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Avalon 3:29AM, Nov 30, 2020 UTC
Very meta, and we appreciate the creative effort however this isn't a fair proposition as one outcome has an unfair advantage and can be decided by simply spamming comments on the other prop to get one of the outcomes on this prop to occur. See
TeamColtra 3:33AM, Nov 29, 2020 UTC
@Them_mooses i actually think it's a terrible UI choice (no offense, BetMoose). I would have expected it to be a "report this as fraudulent" or something button. They should have a "manage this bet" area that gives you those options
Them_mooses 3:10AM, Nov 29, 2020 UTC
@TeamColtra Only an idiot would not have been able to figure how to click in the triangle to report the early outcome to the moderators, and I did this and reported immediately after posting my last comment.
TeamColtra 2:18AM, Nov 29, 2020 UTC
You click the ! In the red triangle
Them_mooses 6:02PM, Nov 28, 2020 UTC
@Ubuntanda Thanks for the info! That means this bet ended last night, and checking the timing of the events, 1 to 6 comments is the winner. I'm going to see if there's something that I can do to resolve it now.
Ubuntanda 1:45PM, Nov 28, 2020 UTC
Hello guys. FYI, my bet which is referred to in the above bet logic got resolved last night. I can find no button to formalize the resolution, so I've flagged for the moderators to do this. I'm not telling anyone here what they should do, just sayin' to let you know.
praine 6:46AM, Nov 27, 2020 UTC
This is getting too meta for me.
Them_mooses 7:38PM, Nov 26, 2020 UTC
Should there be the question of how one can access the latest comments on Ubuntanda's bet if it gets cancelled, the answer is any member can access the comments of any cancelled bet. Here's the path: Click on the bet sponsor's user name > Hosted Bets > Cancelled > Choose the cancelled bet.

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