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    Is al-Assad Still President of Syria on March 1st, 2016

    Is al-Assad Still President of Syria on March 1st, 2016


    With calls for him to step down along with new found support from old allies, Bashar al-Assad's presidency looks tenuous.

    Is Bashar al-Assad still the President of Syria on March 1st, 2016?

    Decision Logic

    On March 1st, 2016, I will look for consensus in the media as to whether al-Assad is still acting as President of Syria. I will look at both Western, Russian and Middle-Eastern sources (BBC, RT, Fars). If there is any dispute as to whether he is President, the answer will be "Yes", that he still remains President, unless there is strong evidence that he has fled the country, in which case it will be "No".

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    10:51AM, Oct 30, 2015 UTC

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    2:30AM, Mar 2, 2016 UTC

    RESOLVED AT 10:52AM, Mar 2, 2016 UTC

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