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Jeopardy cheaters using mind reading writing technology

Jeopardy cheaters using mind reading writing technology


The Aztec had no TV show like Jeopardy to realize that advanced technology was mocking their military and about to end their way of life. Many tens of thousands of elite Aztec warriors, the entire force that ruled South America, was decimated by a handful of Spanish brandishing steel weaponry.

Without Ken Jennings or James Holzhauer the top streak is 20 wins. Over 7000 episodes of Jeopardy since March 30, 1964. Jennings and Holzhauer streaks are outside of the norm. High wagers in double is not human nature and suggests certain knowledge of the answer. Jennings 70 games was a cautious trial run.

Decision Logic

1) That Jennings or Holzhauer are found to have broken the Jeopardy rules and an amount of winnings are forfeit. Jeopardy representatives or mainstream media to confirm this information.


2) Any argument presented in mainstream media to cast doubt on either of their wins by way of advanced technology. Refers to (1 of) mind reading, synthetic telepathy, directional sound or functionally equivalent technology.


3) Failing the above a bet will succeed if Jeopardy deploys preventative technology or functionally equivalent such as rule change for surprise spot testing etc. Might refer to mind reading, synthetic telepathy, parametric speakers, EMF shielding, advanced/new/brain/mind technology or equivalents.

8:48AM, May 3, 2019 UTC

5:55AM, Jul 12, 2019 UTC

5:55AM, Feb 1, 2020 UTC


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