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Last minute election madness!

Last minute election madness!


For all the people who still wanted to bet this but ran out of time on the other bets, this will remain open till the last minutes. The bet is obviously, who wins the election.

Decision Logic

Whoever comes ahead after the election results come out.

CLOSING IN2016-11-09 03:00:00

9:16PM, Nov 7, 2016 UTC

3:00AM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC

8:00PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC

RESOLVED AT 10:51PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC

Total Volume: 36.84

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Donald Trump"

36.84087191 was split between 45 bettors.
Hillary Clinton
# of Bets:41
Donald Trump
# of Bets:45


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Avalon 3:27PM, Nov 11, 2016 UTC
We always recommend authors write explicit conditions and bettors verify those or create their own bets. You bet on a slightly subjective decision logic so it is our job to now interpret it. The world has interpreted that 'trump won', so we use that as our benchmark for resolution of this prop all things considered.
satoshibits 2:05AM, Nov 11, 2016 UTC
@thunderhead Hush with your logic; @Avalon does not care about facts, only assumptions and subjective decisions when an outcome is clearly defined as "election results". You and I get it, but they don't seem to understand that the only election that has been completed thus far is the popular vote. Hopefully others see this example and save their bits for a more reputable site.
thunderhead 1:49AM, Nov 11, 2016 UTC
@Avalon I'd like to pose a simple question. In which election did Trump 'come out ahead?' The popular vote that took place on November 8? No, Hillary did. The electoral vote that takes place Dec. 19? No, this is not yet decided. The only conclusive winner based on the facts thus far is that Hillary has come out ahead.
Avalon 8:34PM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
We may hold the results of the other prop ("The 45th President of the United States") pending electoral college, but as this prop was phrased more subjectively, we must interpret it with our best judgment and Trump did 'come out ahead' in this case.
sirlanka 8:46AM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
+1 It's pretty clear that Trump came out ahead of the election.
1234qwer 8:46AM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
"the Electoral College is the group of people that really elects the President of the United States in December. The 538 electors will gather in December and vote for the POTUS — after that, Congress then counts the votes and determines who has won the majority. According to The New York Daily News, if the electors are not happy with the candidate who won the popular vote (Trump), with enough people, the Electoral College could hypothetically give Clinton the victory"
1234qwer 8:46AM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
I found this article interesting. It is possible that trump may not become POTUS. It has never happened before but if there was ever a time it is now.
satoshibits 7:16AM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
Not trying to ruin this for anyone - as you can see, this is my first (and likely last) bet on this site. I was under the impression these bets were followed, as another said, to the letter. Apparently, they are open to subjective decision making whenever they are not clearly worded. Ever heard of "faithless electors"? Look it up on wiki. Electoral votes are not guaranteed until mid-December.
1234qwer 6:31AM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
@Avalon I agree with Avalon. The person who "Comes out ahead" in any given competition is the person who is considered the winner. This bet was placed on a competition between Trump and Hillary. And according to the united states the winner is the person who wins via the electoral college. Unless otherwise specifically specified, this vote should be decided on who actually won the election through the electoral college as this is the deciding factor used to determine the next president.
lucky15 5:08AM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
@satoshibits This bet clearly states "The bet is obviously, who wins the election." That is what Trump did and the logic behind this bet is "Whoever comes ahead after the election results come out." Meaning Trump came out ahead and is the rightful winner. Just because you lost money doesn't mean you should try to persuade other people's opinions. Read instructions before you bet.
transmorgy 5:07AM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
@satoshibits Can you please stop trying to ruin this for everyone else? I'm sure if the shoe was on the other foot, you'd be preaching something entirely different. Trump has already gotten the rings according to Wikipedia, China, Russia, and the rest of the world. Even the President, Obama, has come forth in a Presidential speech congratulating Trump on his victory in the race to the White House.
satoshibits 4:51AM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
@Avalon I understand where you're coming from, but your two comments contradict themselves. If you agree that this vaguely worded bet is indeed based on electoral votes, than you MUST wait until the electoral college officially casts their votes in December. There are many other bets on this site that are clearly worded (based on popular vote, based on electoral votes) .. this bet is neither and did not account for the scenario we're in (one candidate won electoral votes, the other won popular)
Avalon 12:39AM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
We're not delaying this until electoral college votes because trump "came out ahead" already for the purpose of this bet.
Avalon 12:37AM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
Election results in the United States are determined by electoral votes, not by population vote. Thus, we consider this a typical election bet unless explicitly specified otherwise.
transmorgy 12:20AM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
@thunderhead That's interesting. Why would Clinton herself deliver such a speech and even Obama if Trump hadn't won the Presidency? Go all the way to the bottom. Enjoy.
thunderhead 12:08AM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
@Asnoman I don't think its clear at all. Only if the decision logic had specified would it be clear. There was no contingency plan for what happened if one candidate won the pop. vote and the other won the electoral vote. The spirit of the bet is not in question, the letter of the bet is.
thunderhead 12:04AM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
@transmorgy There in lies the problem. You assumed that it was the electoral vote, I assumed it was the popular vote. The decision logic says after the election results come out but does not specify which election results. We know the results of the popular vote, but not the electoral vote because they don't meet until December 19. Therefore, if this bet resolves today, it must be resolved on the popular vote. If you want to resolve on electoral vote, then it must wait until December 19.
transmorgy 11:53PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
I'll have you know that when placing this bet, I assumed the Electoral vote. As the Electoral vote is the vote that actually matters when electing the President of the United States. See that Hillary Clinton & Obama BOTH gave speeches congratulating Trump on his victory - he clearly won the Presidency. If you don't believe me, just turn on CNN, Fox News, or ABC. Can even go on YouTube or Twitter to see that Trump is now the 45th President of the United States of America.
Asnoman 11:48PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
Its pretty clear. We all knew what we were betting on. Playing dumb aint gonna give you your money back. If yall have a problem with the wording report it to betmoose. I'll be happy if they rule that the resolution is Hillary, since thats the side I bet on. Cheers.
praine 11:38PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
@thunderhead My point is that it's a copy/paste of the other bets but is simply a "last minute" version for those that still want to bet. If it's unclear to you, maybe you shoulda asked for clarification rather than bet and try to weasel your way out of a loss if it doesn't go your way.
thunderhead 11:34PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
@praine you express my point exactly, those linked bets clarify the bet will be resolved on electoral votes. This bet does not and therefore is assumed to be based on popular vote with a resolution date over a month before the electoral college even meets.
praine 11:29PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
"For all the people who still wanted to bet this but ran out of time on the other bets, this will remain open till the last minutes. The bet is obviously, who wins the election."
thunderhead 11:14PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
This bet is flawed. Hillary Clinton is the winner. The resolution was supposed to be based on the popular vote, that is the basis on which I placed this bet. There is no way this bet could be determined by electoral vote with a resolution date of November 9 as the electoral college does not meet and cast their votes until December 19, 2016.
satoshibits 11:00PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
Here is a citation that Hillary indeed won the popular vote, which can easily be interpreted as "coming out ahead":
satoshibits 10:58PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
I'm sorry, but clarifying that after the bet is over is not fair to those of use who believe "coming out ahead" is defined as being voted on by a majority of constituents. You chose your wording carefully and did not say "who will be elected president" - you said "come out ahead" which is vague and widely open to interpretation.
Asnoman 10:50PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
@satoshibits lemme clarify it to you right now, since clearly you aint sharp enough to understand. Trump came ahead of the election, since he is going to be the president. Lemme know if you need further explanation.
satoshibits 10:40PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
Just want to point out, Hillary won the popular vote. This bet failed to clarify whether it was referencing electoral votes or popular vote.
Dikin 10:51AM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
This was awesome...
KrystalLPaws 5:35AM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
anyone know where i can still bet on the election or it to late on all of em ? i already know trump is gunna win ugh i wanna bet damm
Lequido123 3:08AM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
You can still bet here:

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