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    Litecoin reach $1,000 USD by July 1, 2018

    Litecoin reach $1,000 USD by July 1, 2018


    Will the market value of 1 Litecoin (LTC) reach $1,000 USD on or before 12:01 am (EST) on July 1, 2018?Litecoin, a cryptocurrency that has been anointed the “silver” to bitcoin’s “gold,” is having a spectacular year. So far, its price is up by more than 8,000 percent this year and hit high of $325. Will Litecoin's phenomenal year continued? If trend continues, it should surpass $1,000 per 1 LTC by July 1, 2018

    Decision Logic

    Coinbase will be used for price verification. Early resolution is possible. "Yes" - Litecoin reaches $1,000 on or before July 1, 2018. "No" - Litecoin does not reach $1,000 on or before July 1, 2018. Bet resolves on July 2, 2018 if market value of 1 Litecoin (LTC) doesn't reach $1,000 USD on or before 12:01 am (EST) on July 1, 2018

    CLOSING IN2018-06-10 04:00:00

    12:33PM, Dec 12, 2017 UTC

    4:00AM, Jun 10, 2018 UTC

    4:00AM, Jul 2, 2018 UTC

    RESOLVED AT 3:53AM, Jul 3, 2018 UTC

    Total Volume: 0.3520

    This bet has been resolved!

    The outcome was "No - LTC doesn't hit $1,000 US"

    0.3520359 was split between 26 bettors.
    Yes - LTC = $1,000 USD
    # of Bets:13
    No - LTC doesn't hit $1,000 US
    # of Bets:26


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