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Militia takes over Oregon Reserve.

Militia takes over Oregon Reserve.


The bet is when will the Feds raid them Not counting the intial contact/Firefight 1-30 Days 31-60 Days or will it continue Indefinatly.
1-30 days
31-60 days

Decision Logic

1-30 days
31-60 days
To win option 1 Raid will be conducted and returned to federal Control within
To win option 2 Raid will be conducted and returned to federal Control within
To win option 3 MILTIA stays in control more than 61 days. Thes are personal friends that My Brother and Dad where with this morning Glad my fam with the Santilli group. But they are all Good honest men and I wish they didnt do this . But I understand .

4:07AM, Jan 3, 2016 UTC

6:15AM, Feb 4, 2016 UTC

4:35AM, Mar 6, 2016 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

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Raid 1-30 days
# of Bets:0
Raid 31-60 days
# of Bets:0
Indefinate 61 days or more
# of Bets:0


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thehumanfaucet 6:41PM, Jan 30, 2016 UTC
DefendYourBase is still in defense of the Harney Resource center . They are actually receiving support from Nevada,Utah,Idaho,oregon Politicians.Of course they are asking them to surrender,but they are on a rightous mission. More supporters show daily in Burns and surrouning areas. The FBI has Malheur closed off. The PPN has the FBI surrounded .This is nowhere close to resolution and far from being defeated.The LaVoy Video shows him hands up and then shot that is when he drops his hands first .
thehumanfaucet 7:20PM, Jan 12, 2016 UTC
All s well at the compound Federal officials see its easier to harass and scare citizens of Harney than to talk to #OccupyMalheur Because These colors dont run
thehumanfaucet 8:42AM, Jan 6, 2016 UTC
Tense moments ,guards up, but mostly rumors of raids. Their cautious but dont want confrontation.They want hearings and restoration of the theft of private property(yeah,yeah we get it Indians and all that. See how history repeats itself?)Probably rumors to see reactions ,posistioning? hammonds bet resolved and timer to payout on .
thehumanfaucet 1:33AM, Jan 5, 2016 UTC Government deception and tryanny confirmed.
thehumanfaucet 12:21AM, Jan 5, 2016 UTC
Good luck Bettors and Bundys Army!

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