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New Bitcoin all time high before March 16th 2017

New Bitcoin all time high before March 16th 2017


Bitcoin is in a tear!
Will Bitcoin reach a new all time high before March the 16th 2017?
General elections are planned to be held in the Netherlands on 15 March 2017 to elect all 150 members of the House of Representatives. Hence we could get some final push around some right wing political pivot in Western Europe included at the end of the bet.
Bet includes a 10 final lock in time.
Bet closes immediately if Bitcoin gets over the all time high!

Decision Logic

The current all-time high was set on 17 November 2013 at US$1216.73 on the Mt. Gox exchange.
Bet includes a 10 final lock in time.
Bet closes immediately if Bitcoin gets over the all time high!
Price source to be used is Coinbase and Bitstamp.

CLOSING IN2017-02-24 03:30:00

5:50PM, Dec 29, 2016 UTC

3:30AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC

5:37AM, Feb 25, 2017 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 6:11PM, Feb 25, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 6.138

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

6.13784991 was split between 74 bettors.
# of Bets:74
# of Bets:20


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Zarathustra 6:12PM, Feb 25, 2017 UTC
Resolved! Bitcoins should be distributed in the next 24h!
minlite 3:18PM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
@Zarathustra so what is the cut time? Did you consider both exchanges or just one?
Zarathustra 11:32AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
The bet is closed, I asked the moderator to refund all the smart dudes that betted after the outcome and to pay all the winners that betted before :)
gliderforever 11:21AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
So is the bet now closed, and do we simply wait for 10 days?
tomtomdrum 11:14AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
How long does it usually take for bets to be resolved considering this one has come through? Is there a delay due to this decision logic issue and the late bets??
kolotoure77294 11:01AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
In future I recommend using the following clause for price bets.... "If resolving early, any 'YES' bets made within 2 weeks of the outcome will be refunded. 'NO' bets will not be refunded." ... Obviously change 2 weeks to 1 week, 10 days, 5 days, whatever, but have a refund period!
kolotoure77294 10:58AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC select Coinbase, 12hr chart, and you can see 04:12-04:13 price $1218.85
kolotoure77294 10:57AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
The logic doesn't say BOTH sources much reach ATH, it just says they are the sources to use. We need to hear from @Zarathustra but it seems either was enough, not both. Bitstamp hit at 04:37 UTC... so immediately the bets at 6:03AM, 5:15AM and 4:39AM are void and refunded. Coinbase hit at 04:12 UTC according to the comments and coindesk charts, which voids 4:15AM minlite 3BTC bet as well. The rest should stand according to the (lack of) decision logic.
kolotoure77294 10:39AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
Come on people... Put a refund grace period into your Price bets to stop leeching! It's simple.
tomtomdrum 9:05AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
Both bitstamp and coinbase broke through the 1216 mark. Fri Feb 24th 04:49 UTC. We did it!
etile 5:45AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
Avalon, decision logic favors late leeches. If you are against late leeches you can edit decision logic before the event happened. You should not be made decisions against decision logic.
minlite 5:03AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
@slakemoose, the description says Coinbase AND bitstamp. I bet before Bitstamp hit ATH.
conor1440 4:53AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
bitstamp says yes
slakemoose 4:37AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
how about that guy that bet 3 BTC after it hit the new ATH?
Mirh 4:22AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
We made it!
minlite 4:17AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
The description says Coinbase AND bitstamp so I say we have to wait until Bitstamp hits the 1216.73. Coinbase is always higher than other exhchanges...
conor1440 4:12AM, Feb 24, 2017 UTC
COINBASE says 1219.... it is a YES
tomtomdrum 11:08PM, Feb 23, 2017 UTC
@Mirh yes, bitstamp's ATH. We want to smash mt gox's previous high. I think we will still make it. $1,178 now, another 40 dollars and we're there!
cryptoman 11:04PM, Feb 23, 2017 UTC
@moderators : are all these multiple bets normal? Check the ones with 0.009 value, all with the same timeframe
Mirh 8:58PM, Feb 23, 2017 UTC
kolotoure77294 12:40PM, Feb 20, 2017 UTC
If the ETF is approved on 11th March, I believe the the price will spike and this will resolve yes. Will be interesting! :D
Zarathustra 9:12PM, Feb 3, 2017 UTC
Grande Plinux! Salutations de Lugano! Le pari ici c est en relation au prix du bitcoin le 15 de Mars. Es que il va etre plus de US$1216.73? Si oui, alors tu paries YES, si non tu paries NO!
Plinux 9:39PM, Jan 27, 2017 UTC
Chier toujours en English qui me sort par le troue du Q! Oui facile de comprendre vos textes Traduit qui n on ni que ni tête !!!!! Prochaine Update , Oui en Multi lingue tu aura plus de Clients , Car moi la je Paris presque Rien vu que l on ne comprend RIEN a ce P....d English !!!!! Sincère Salutation | Anti English |
Avalon 3:45AM, Jan 24, 2017 UTC
@etile we typically close bets a litle early on bitcoin price outcomes as explained in the comments of that proposition you linked. There are technical reasons for this (not all exchanges report prices immediately), and we do this to favour those that bet months in advance, as opposed to those that are trying to leech the pot at the very last second.
Zarathustra 9:44PM, Jan 22, 2017 UTC
etile: apparently this is the administrator policy. Ask them and let us know if this is a permanent feature of this kind of bets or it was a one off episode. As a host I cannot decide on refunds etc, only on the outcome.
etile 12:11PM, Jan 21, 2017 UTC
Zarathustra: Why there are some refunds here? One and more hours before event.
Zarathustra 2:08PM, Jan 18, 2017 UTC
Thank you etile for your question: Bet closes immediately if Bitcoin gets over the all time high! Hence: If Yes side bet will be made 1 hour before event - that bet will be refunded or stay active? Stay active in the sense of this bet. Do moderators did differently in the past?
Zarathustra 2:03PM, Jan 18, 2017 UTC
I agree etile: I propose Coinbase as unique price reference, in accordance with moderators.
etile 5:42AM, Jan 18, 2017 UTC
Zarathustra: Should I use Max(CoinbasePrice,BitstampPrice) for desicion logic? If Yes side bet will be made 1 hour before event - that bet will be refunded or stay active?
etile 1:03PM, Jan 8, 2017 UTC
Coinbase divide by Bitstamp equal to one most time

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