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New Bitcoin all time high before September 2017?

New Bitcoin all time high before September 2017?


Will Bitcoin go over $1132.00 before September 2017?

Decision Logic

We will use the daily price on
If the daily price is over 1132.00 for any single day closing price before the outcome date, the bet resolves as YES. If a new all time high is set, this proposition will be set to close at the end of the previous day and all bets the day-of will be returned.

CLOSING IN2017-01-04 00:00:00

9:04PM, Sep 4, 2016 UTC

12:00AM, Jan 4, 2017 UTC

11:23PM, Jan 4, 2017 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 6:51AM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC

Total Volume: 4.172

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

4.17168002 was split between 42 bettors.
# of Bets:42
# of Bets:11


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kolotoure77294 6:41PM, Feb 23, 2017 UTC
Tonight it's game over.
tminchev 7:26PM, Feb 21, 2017 UTC
next few days will see this close for good.
garbagebaby 1:05AM, Jan 22, 2017 UTC
Seems like this was handled very well by betmoose, not sure why people were upset. Of course, this is why I'm always very clear about how my decision logic works in my bets.
Avalon 6:12AM, Jan 9, 2017 UTC
@AForceNinja you are welcome to recreate it!
AForceNinja 1:50AM, Jan 9, 2017 UTC
Thanks Avalon. Will keep an eye out on this bet till September. I really wish this was still open though...
praine 1:19AM, Jan 7, 2017 UTC
Yeah the decision logic was worded strangely and could cause confusion. I am glad to see you are providing good customer service by refunding those bets, but this is why there is a 24 hour wait time before bets are paid out. Why was this not halted and reopened?
Avalon 12:49AM, Jan 7, 2017 UTC
We accept our responsibility in that this bet was falsely set to early resolve by one of the site moderators due to slightly confusing language used in the decision logic. As such, we will reimburse all NO bettors (the losing ones) the full value of their bets if a new high is not set before September 2017.
etile 7:50AM, Jan 6, 2017 UTC
Bitstamp dayly prices: 2016-12-28 976.47 2016-12-29 969.58 2016-12-30 959.54 2016-12-31 966.3 2017-01-01 997.75 2017-01-02 1012.54 2017-01-03 1035.24 2017-01-04 1114.92 2017-01-05 1004.74 Why this bet resolved early?
tminchev 2:57PM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
huh? propostion descrition is clear and i quote "Will Bitcoin go over $1132.00 before September 2017?" bitstamp is clear T: 2017-01-05 04:00 O: 1133.55 H: 1136.48 L: 1050.00 end of discussion.
kolotoure77294 12:54PM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
Actually, No. Bitstamp's all time high remains at $1163 and Bitstamp's all time high daily close remains at $1132. Neither of Bitstamp's all time highs were broken. Discussion needed. Reopen the bet.
tminchev 11:11AM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
has a new all time been set? answer YES end of discussion.
kolotoure77294 10:40AM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
At the moment leeches benefit from a time multiplier which extends 9 months, when the bet may infact end in 2 days. Recalibrate weightings on early ending bets.
kolotoure77294 10:36AM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
My suggestion to deal with the leeches is when a bet settles early the weighting is recalibrated to the new time frame. So people who bet late are betting at 1x and people in September are betting 13x
kolotoure77294 10:29AM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
Reopen and settle when it reaches daily close ATH of 1132
kolotoure77294 10:27AM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
Also, despite the leeches, I agree open the bet. This bet is for daily close ATH. The Bitstamp intra-day ATH is 1163 which was not reached!
kolotoure77294 10:19AM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
Refund period for these bets should be longer in the future. One day is not enough. etile uses 2 weeks and that seems good to me. People that bet on this in September with bitcoin at $600 have been leeched heavily by people betting now at $1100. I won't bet again on a price target bet with only one day refund.
sirlanka 8:56AM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
The daily closing prices can be seen in the link in the decision logic, when you hoover over the chart.
etile 8:51AM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
Avalon, dont use High price please, according this bet you should use Close price only. Reopen the bet. Do not refund last bets.
Avalon 7:12AM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
@etile it hit 1139 on bitstamp today. You're welcome to create a new one of course and bet again!
sirlanka 7:08AM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
I agree @etile
etile 5:15AM, Jan 5, 2017 UTC
why this bet is closed? Bitstamp daily price 1114.92 is lower than 1132 Open the bet
tminchev 8:48PM, Jan 4, 2017 UTC
I dont see the logic of end of day price. all time high tradce is all time hight trade.....
sirlanka 7:36AM, Jan 4, 2017 UTC
@praine UTC time is used for Bitstamps daily price (end of day), and is also used to define a new day in this bet.
praine 2:49AM, Jan 4, 2017 UTC
For early resolution possibilities, for purposes of defining a day, what time zone will be used?
Avalon 3:08AM, Jan 2, 2017 UTC
We made a change to the decision logic regarding the validity of bets on the day of the outcome. We can't easily pull out bets from one side only so all bets made the day of the outcome (if early) will be returned.
yerchang 9:04AM, Dec 20, 2016 UTC
hi. every one. tell me how to play please?
lewren 9:36AM, Dec 4, 2016 UTC
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