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    Next Major Terrorist attack 100+ deaths

    Next Major Terrorist attack 100+ deaths


    God bless France, what a horrible tragedy.
    On the evening of 13 November 2015, a series of terrorist attacks occurred in Paris, France. 130 people died.
    Will a terrorist commit another attack this year with over 100 deaths?

    Decision Logic

    Bet Yes if you think a terrorist group, such as ISIS or Al Queda, will strike with another attack before Dec 31, 2015 11:59:59 PM, causing 100 or more deaths in a single event/day such as the France attacks.

    Bet no if you think they will not cause more than 100 deaths in a single day, or no attacks will occur.

    CLOSING IN2015-11-30 08:00:00

    4:18AM, Nov 21, 2015 UTC

    8:00AM, Nov 30, 2015 UTC

    8:00AM, Jan 1, 2016 UTC

    RESOLVED AT 12:14AM, Jan 4, 2016 UTC

    Total Volume: 1.218

    This bet has been resolved!

    The outcome was "No"

    1.21773422 was split between 8 bettors.
    # of Bets:1
    # of Bets:8


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    Avalon 12:14AM, Jan 4, 2016 UTC
    Resolving as No unless someone provides a credible source proving otherwise.
    cbantli 2:14AM, Nov 29, 2015 UTC
    this does imply the entire world.
    scrooge 7:28PM, Nov 27, 2015 UTC
    what a tasteless bet - should be canceled imho
    Avalon 5:21AM, Nov 26, 2015 UTC
    No location is specified which implies the entire world. We urge all bettors to monitor their sources and report this bet for an early resolution should such an event occur.

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