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Outcome of the Georgia senate elections (Jan 5th 2021)

Outcome of the Georgia senate elections (Jan 5th 2021)


The 2020 elections are moving into overtime! With the unusual event of both a runoff resolution to the senate election and the special senate election: two senate seats are still up for grabs in Georgia.

The races will be:

Raphael Warnock (Democrat) vs Kelly Loeffler (Republican)
David Perdue (Republican) vs Jon Ossof (Democrat)

Control of the entire senate rests on these remaining seats, as the current balance is 48-50. If the Democrats take both seats they will control the senate (a democratic VP breaking a 50-50 tie).

This bet concerns the three possible outcomes:

Republicans win both
They win one each
Democrats win both

The races are extremely tight! Good luck. BETTING AVAILABLE UNTIL DAY BEFORE VOTING

Decision Logic

If Republican candidates win BOTH races, "Republicans win both seats" will win

If Republicans and Democrats win one race each (in any permutation) "Rep / Dem win one seat each" will win

If Democrat candidates win BOTH races, "Democrats win both seats" will win

CLOSING IN2021-01-05 06:00:00

6:52AM, Nov 9, 2020 UTC

6:00AM, Jan 5, 2021 UTC

8:00PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC

RESOLVED AT 8:00PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC

Total Volume: 0.1356

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Democrats win both seats"

0.13558365 was split between 10 bettors.
Republicans win both seats
# of Bets:5
Rep / Dem win one seat each
# of Bets:13
Democrats win both seats
# of Bets:10


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jeb_bush 8:01PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
lol :P Bet now resolved, pays out in 24 hours
TeamColtra 10:27PM, Jan 6, 2021 UTC
FRAUD!! WE CANNOT CERTIFY THIS RESULT FOR AT LEAST 8 MONTHS. WE HAVE COURT BATTLES AND CAPITOL BUILDINGS TO STORM. Sure, the results won't change enough but I have like $5 that I'll lose and so we should hold up the entire bet!!
jeb_bush 6:02PM, Jan 6, 2021 UTC
Looks like we are headed for a double D win here! I will wait until the 8th per the terms of the bet to allow all formal announcements of the count from the state to be given, but so far this seems uncomplicated. Thanks for betting everyone!
jeb_bush 5:53PM, Jan 4, 2021 UTC
lol who knows! #USA
f84jf85hg7g 8:13AM, Jan 1, 2021 UTC
Will that help or hurt her chances?
jeb_bush 9:30PM, Dec 13, 2020 UTC
"Kelly Loeffler slammed for posing with former KKK leader ahead of Georgia runoff elections" Keeping it interesting in Georgia...
jeb_bush 1:32AM, Nov 25, 2020 UTC
I enjoy the number of moose based usernames on this bet / site.
jeb_bush 6:05PM, Nov 22, 2020 UTC
One of the republican candidates (Loeffler) has confirmed she has tested positive for COVID, you think this hurts her chances?

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