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Over Under 15.5 bets

Over Under 15.5 bets


Will there be Over 15.5 bets on this proposition? or under 15.5 bets..

Decision Logic

Add the total number of bets on each side once the Deadline has passed..


1:24AM, Mar 2, 2017 UTC

2:35AM, Mar 4, 2017 UTC

3:40AM, Mar 4, 2017 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

Reason: Betting 16 times guarantees the outcome.

Over 15.5 bets
# of Bets:0
Under 15.5 bets
# of Bets:0


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Erre 6:57PM, Mar 2, 2017 UTC
Me too think it's a stupid bet.
BenCarson 4:49PM, Mar 2, 2017 UTC
I'm not a moderator but I still feel like anything where one side could easily manipulate it and the other side has no way to undo is unfair to that side. If you really want to make silly bets like this you could make something like "will there be an even or odd number of bets" because that way both sides can push things to their side to win
rtflsna 4:24PM, Mar 2, 2017 UTC
@BenCarson what if it closed in 30 minutes and it was over under 250 bets? something that wasn't as obvious?
BenCarson 4:17PM, Mar 2, 2017 UTC
@rtflsna Look at the FAQ under Hosting, 3. What are some good and bad bet examples?: "Please Note: Bets which can be easily swung such as, "Will this bet have volume > X?" may be cancelled as they are unfair to one side (in this example, the bettors that would be betting 'No'). " This bet is clearly unfair to the under 15.5 side
rtflsna 1:51PM, Mar 2, 2017 UTC
Really? @BenCarson .. I admit it's pretty weak lol, but wanting some action. What rule would it b?
BenCarson 12:32PM, Mar 2, 2017 UTC
I think this is against the rules
praine 1:50AM, Mar 2, 2017 UTC
*bets on over 15 times*

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