All Bets Over $17 Per Share by August Over $17 Per Share by August


Per Google Finance will the price per share for (OSTK) be OVER $17 by August?

Decision Logic

Per Google finance. (
If price hits ABOVE $17 before or at the end of this bet, it resolves as YES.
If the price stays AT or BELOW $17 it resolves as NO.

CLOSING IN2014-07-25 18:00:00

10:27PM, Jul 3, 2014 UTC

6:00PM, Jul 25, 2014 UTC

12:46AM, Jul 26, 2014 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 1:00AM, Jul 26, 2014 UTC

Total Volume: 0.3673

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

0.36730427 was split between 8 bettors.
# of Bets:8
# of Bets:16


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Avalon 12:47AM, Jul 26, 2014 UTC
I see some 400% ROI bets from the early oracles ;)
whatever 10:36PM, Jul 25, 2014 UTC
I cant close the bet early myself. I submitted an early resolution request. Should be closed soon.
whatever 10:35PM, Jul 25, 2014 UTC
wow im an idiot. nvm again.
whatever 10:33PM, Jul 25, 2014 UTC
Ok, I guess im confused here. The chart shows it only hitting $17, which would mean the bet is not resolved yet. The "range" at the top shows $16.44 -$17.23. Which is it? Anyone else care to comment on this?
whatever 10:28PM, Jul 25, 2014 UTC
Nvm, I see where it did hit today. Ill resolve this as YES.
whatever 10:25PM, Jul 25, 2014 UTC
Has it reached $17?
chakudaku 10:02PM, Jul 25, 2014 UTC
Where does this bet stand now? Are we still waiting? Has it been resolved?
freedom 9:39PM, Jul 25, 2014 UTC
@chakudaku I have faith in companies that accept BTC...They are forward me... that get Bitcoin retail sales XD
freedom 9:35PM, Jul 25, 2014 UTC
O_O ^_^ This will be close
KoldBane 7:22PM, Jul 24, 2014 UTC
Well, looks like things might be dicey for this bet! That was a pretty good earnings report...
freedom 1:13AM, Jul 23, 2014 UTC
freedom 4:28AM, Jul 21, 2014 UTC
Just in case ^_^
chakudaku 7:35PM, Jul 12, 2014 UTC
Hmmm, you may be right @freedom. But Earnings Reports are a double-edged sword. This will be interesting to say the least.
freedom 8:57AM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC
I might join you but Chaku with stocks you have to time them around the financial report :) Jul 28, 2014 Q2 2014, Inc. Earnings Release (Estimated) Add to calendar
chakudaku 7:31AM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC
But looking at the charts, it doesn't look good to get that high with 15 trading days left. Maybe it's a better long term play. I'm going the other way. Sorry Freedom. I had to turn the bus around.
freedom 1:42AM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC
Will join chakudaku on that one ^^
chakudaku 11:03PM, Jul 3, 2014 UTC
I have faith in companies that accept BTC...They are forward me...

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