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Predict the bottom of ETH

Predict the bottom of ETH


How low can Ethereum go in 2016?

Decision Logic

What is the lowest point Ethereum will reach from June 18 - December 31, 2016. The lowest price point in US dollars based on the site:!/ or as backup

Backup source:

If ETH never goes below $10, the bet is cancelled.

5:03PM, Jun 18, 2016 UTC

9:00PM, Sep 1, 2016 UTC

10:00PM, Jan 1, 2017 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

Reason: No correct predictions.

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protus 1:39AM, Jan 2, 2017 UTC
@regexlove @Nipperkin @Avalon No one chose the correct answer of $6.00-$7.99.
regexlove 1:29AM, Jul 20, 2016 UTC
why not edit and call it >=$8?
Avalon 12:55AM, Jun 26, 2016 UTC
Logic updated (backup source added, cancellation clarified)
topnotch 9:18PM, Jun 25, 2016 UTC
And by @ptorus I meant @protus (sorry for the typo).
topnotch 9:17PM, Jun 25, 2016 UTC
I see now that does show historic prices in $ if you click on the grey link as instructed by @ptorus. So yes, it's OK. I do suggest however having a backup location (such as in case is offline at the time the bet resolves.
protus 3:24PM, Jun 24, 2016 UTC
@sirlanka , @topnotch , @Avalon , There is a dollar price on the chart. If you look in between "Market Cap" and "24h vol." It might be greyed out. You have to click it. It works on desktop. Might not be on mobile. And yes, if ETH never goes under $9.99 then it's refunded. Does this sound ok?
sirlanka 2:46PM, Jun 24, 2016 UTC
@topnotch Ok, so the bet is cancelled if it never goes under $10?
topnotch 6:22AM, Jun 24, 2016 UTC
Here is one chart with historic prices in $ :
topnotch 6:16AM, Jun 24, 2016 UTC!/ has no historic prices and no $ prices. has no historic prices, only a current $ price. has historic prices but in BTC, not in $.
sirlanka 5:45AM, Jun 24, 2016 UTC
@protus I donĀ“t see a dollar price on that chart
protus 3:25AM, Jun 24, 2016 UTC
@Avalon, you're right. I goofed on that. Let's use this chart: instead.
Avalon 3:09AM, Jun 23, 2016 UTC
protus, can you please be a little more specific in your determination.. the sources you're using are somewhat vague..

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