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Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors


Who will win? Rock, Paper or Scissors?

Decision Logic

Step one: The two object with the most betting volume goes to the final

Step two: In the final the two objects with the most betting volume play rock, paper, scissors. The winner takes home the moneyz.

The "rock" beats scissors, the "scissors" beat paper and the "paper" beats rock

Please note: Most betting volume does not necessarely win


Rock Vol 1 btc
Paper Vol 0.8 btc
Scissors Vol 0,6 btc

Rock and paper goes to the final bcs of volume. Paper beats rock. Paper win

CLOSING IN2014-07-13 20:50:00

7:10AM, Jul 7, 2014 UTC

8:50PM, Jul 13, 2014 UTC

9:20PM, Jul 13, 2014 UTC

RESOLVED AT 9:22PM, Jul 13, 2014 UTC

Total Volume: 0.6142

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Rock"

0.61421111 was split between 3 bettors.
# of Bets:3
# of Bets:5
# of Bets:4


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julian-marty 9:04PM, Jul 13, 2014 UTC
@donaldtrump what's funny is my original plan would've put it crazy close to a 3 way tie! OK give me my measly 0.02094825 BTC back LOL. Tip of the hat buddy... I just wish there was more action from other people, would have made it much more interesting... me and you could've just played a hand of Pineapple for the BTC
donaldtrump 8:57PM, Jul 13, 2014 UTC
@julian-marty thanks. I think that was a little too stressful for me though.
julian-marty 8:55PM, Jul 13, 2014 UTC
mfer! @donaldtrump nice one
chakudaku 9:01PM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC
Yeah, I understand R-P-S and I get this bet now...I'll just stick to what I know best...BTC, Sports, and the Markets. Good luck to all.
Avalon 3:17PM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC
Hey sirlanka do @chakudaku so he'll see your messages as he's not following this!
sirlanka 8:36AM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC
Feel free to ask if you have any questions
sirlanka 8:31AM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC
Sorry for being unclear. Do you know rock, paper, scissors? The two objects with the most betting volume play rock, paper, scissors against each other, winner takes it all.
chakudaku 7:46AM, Jul 11, 2014 UTC
I wish I understood this but it is beyond my alien intellects. Give me 3- dimensional calculus problems all day but not this complicated stuff!
KoldBane 2:51PM, Jul 8, 2014 UTC
When I told my better half about this bet, she immediately told me to bet on Spock or Lizard and I told her those were simply not options. Now checking out Donald's bet...
sirlanka 8:21AM, Jul 8, 2014 UTC
I kinda like the idea of having the option to bet on a 3-way tie. Thing is if nobody bets it, it doenst solve anything, so we need a backup, wich could make it too compicated. But I still like it.
donaldtrump 5:29AM, Jul 8, 2014 UTC
Since we're coming up with complex whale bets, here's my submission:
julian-marty 4:42AM, Jul 8, 2014 UTC
nice, or make the last 2 options bet on go to the finals so there's MORE incentive to bet... that's what we're all here for right?
donaldtrump 4:20AM, Jul 8, 2014 UTC
Or in a 3-way tie the option with the most recently placed bet could be eliminated. This would provide a small dis-incentive to bet at the last minute.
julian-marty 4:09AM, Jul 8, 2014 UTC
Next time just throw the 4th option "3-way tie" in there for spits and giggles, or use actual # of bets as a tiebreaker... spitballin'. Does rain in Cambodia mean anything?
freedom 4:01AM, Jul 8, 2014 UTC
Jan Ken Po :)
Avalon 1:10AM, Jul 8, 2014 UTC
We have multiple admins but I'm not planning on cancelling this, and our PR guy actually shared this on BCT forums; interested in seeing how this progresses!
sirlanka 12:00AM, Jul 8, 2014 UTC
That´s true, and the risk for a 3-way tie is under 1%. If admin want to cancel the bet if that happens, feel free to do so. If we do not hear from him before the deadline, we will use my decision "logic".
donaldtrump 11:40PM, Jul 7, 2014 UTC
I really like this idea. Of course, the decision logic you gave for a 3-way tie is utterly ridiculous.
sirlanka 10:49PM, Jul 7, 2014 UTC
Yeah, gotta try some new stuff to see want people want to bet on.
Gloomfrost 10:45PM, Jul 7, 2014 UTC
Lol! This is pretty ridiculous to be honest, but also quite different, so props to that I guess, though I doubt bets that may be hard to understand (especially to weak-English speakers) will attract much attention.
sirlanka 10:35PM, Jul 7, 2014 UTC
The plan for a 3-way is; Rock wins if it is raining in Honolulu at the outcome time. If not, then scissors win if it is raining in Calcuta. Paper wins if it doesn´t rain in either of the cities per
KoldBane 10:32PM, Jul 7, 2014 UTC
I would imagine refund if 3-way tie, really like the thoughtspark behind this bet!
Avalon 8:51PM, Jul 7, 2014 UTC
What is the plan in case of a 3-way tie?
sirlanka 7:54AM, Jul 7, 2014 UTC
Protip: If you bet 0.0051 etc it is less likely to draw. Your bet is more likely to finish top 2
sirlanka 7:51AM, Jul 7, 2014 UTC
Madness? this is SPARTA. If the betting volume of the two bets with the least amount of betting volume draw, then the bet with the most volume will win. Example: Rock 1 bitcoin Paper 0.5 bitcoin Scissors 0.5 bitcoin In all other cases stone-paper-scissors will be used between the top two
julian-marty 7:31AM, Jul 7, 2014 UTC
stop this madness ;)

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