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Rock Paper Scissors by number of bets

Rock Paper Scissors by number of bets


Rock smashes Scissors
Paper covers Rock
Scissors cut Paper

Based on Sirlanka's bet, but number of bets is used instead of volume.

Decision Logic

Step 1: The two options with the largest number of bets will be compared to each other in step 2.
Note that volume DOES NOT matter here, just number of bets. (If there is a tie, the option with the most recent bet will lose.)
Step 2: The final two options will be compared with the following rules:
Rock beats Scissors
Paper beats Rock
Scissors beats Paper

CLOSING IN2014-07-20 23:00:00

9:05PM, Jul 13, 2014 UTC

11:00PM, Jul 20, 2014 UTC

11:30PM, Jul 20, 2014 UTC

RESOLVED AT 11:30PM, Jul 20, 2014 UTC

Total Volume: 3.004

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Scissors"

3.00408133 was split between 41 bettors.
# of Bets:24
# of Bets:35
# of Bets:41


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sirlanka 9:19AM, Jul 27, 2014 UTC
Nice volume! Yes, fees are calulated into current payout.
Avalon 5:37AM, Jul 21, 2014 UTC
@donaldtrump @julian-marty - I get it, you want your bets to weigh as much as possible. However, please please bear in mind that although unlikely, it's possible that someone makes 3-5 accounts with a bot that auto-submits bet orders at the last second if he sees your high-vol bets to try and take advantage of the situation. BetMoose runs are pretty good hardware and I wouldn't be surprised to see 12 requests (bets) on rock processed within the last second if they time it right. Be wary of that!
julian-marty 11:17PM, Jul 20, 2014 UTC
idk, i dont think it is! And does the "current payout" amount already have fees and comm calculated into it I assume?
donaldtrump 11:13PM, Jul 20, 2014 UTC
@julian-marty I think you only get one email per bet. At least I hope that's the way it works.
julian-marty 11:10PM, Jul 20, 2014 UTC
I'm going to be deleting a few doz emails soon
julian-marty 11:04PM, Jul 20, 2014 UTC
donaldtrump 11:01PM, Jul 20, 2014 UTC
Scissors cuts paper
martinoma3 11:00PM, Jul 20, 2014 UTC
freedom 7:57AM, Jul 15, 2014 UTC
I always go with rock whistle
julian-marty 3:24AM, Jul 15, 2014 UTC
@Gloomfrost I know now! I didn't read The Donald's fine print until after I bet... this one could be fun, but I hope u don't think I know what Im doing LOL
Gloomfrost 12:26AM, Jul 15, 2014 UTC
@julian-marty I'm joining you on this; I will assume you will carry me right? :) Also; why put 0.006, this one is by # of 'votes' not volume! Waste of 0.001 :P
julian-marty 9:21PM, Jul 13, 2014 UTC
Last one was so much fun I figure may as well run one of these every hour and change the site to

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