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Rock Paper Scissors by number of bets (Bot proof)

Rock Paper Scissors by number of bets (Bot proof)


Rock smashes Scissors
Paper covers Rock
Scissors cut Paper

The bet counting will be done in a way to prevent a bot from changing the outcome at the last second, so placing a bunch of bets all at once will only count as one bet.

Decision Logic

Step 1: The two options with the largest number of bets will be compared to each other with the following caveat:
THIS IS IMPORTANT: Any bets on the same option placed within the same minute will only count as ONE bet.
Note that volume DOES NOT matter here, just number of bets. (If there is a tie, the option with the most recent bet will lose.)

Step 2: The final two options will be compared with the following rules:
Rock beats Scissors
Paper beats Rock
Scissors beats Paper

CLOSING IN2014-08-04 02:00:00

1:55AM, Jul 27, 2014 UTC

2:00AM, Aug 4, 2014 UTC

2:30AM, Aug 4, 2014 UTC

RESOLVED AT 2:31AM, Aug 4, 2014 UTC

Total Volume: 0.3550

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Rock"

0.355 was split between 9 bettors.
# of Bets:9
# of Bets:5
# of Bets:7


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Avalon 7:35PM, Aug 5, 2014 UTC
@julian-marty you should've tagged me - wouldn't have seen your message otherwise here. Anyway, we currently decide featured based on a number of factors. Some bets may be creative/unique/innovative (like this one with the 'bot proofing' thing), others may be more relevant to what's going on in the news right now like the asicminer and Storj crowdsale. Others are just interesting to the community like the bitcoin price bets. Donald just hosts a lot so many of them end up featured.
donaldtrump 2:02AM, Aug 4, 2014 UTC
Rock: 8 points, Paper: 5 points, Scissors: 7 points. Rock beats scissors.
julian-marty 5:46PM, Aug 2, 2014 UTC
So what is it that makes a bet a "featured" bet... besides the fact that Trump is hosting it? ;)
julian-marty 3:47PM, Aug 1, 2014 UTC
Nice one making it bot proof. The Donald is always thinkin!

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