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Sleepy Joe President on January 21st, 2021

Sleepy Joe President on January 21st, 2021


Will Sleepy Joe, aka, Joseph Biden, be the President of these United States of America on January 21st, 2021.

Decision Logic

The logic here is easy. Will Joe Biden be President on January 21st? It resolves as yes if he is, and will resolve as no if he will not be. For example, if Sleepy dies, and Kamala Harris is installed as President, it resolves as no. Once the military tribunals begin in a few days, and Donald Trump is recognized as the true victor in the election , this bet will also resolve as a resounding No.

\Admin Edit Jan 9 18:54UTC - removed last sentence about Joe dying on the 21st. Please note this will resolve as Yes if Joe was inaugurated or is otherwise installed as President of the United States of America by 12:00am EST on Jan 21st.

CLOSING IN2021-01-20 21:00:00

11:43AM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC

9:00PM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC

5:33PM, Jan 21, 2021 UTC

Early Outcome

RESOLVED AT 3:03AM, Jan 22, 2021 UTC

Offered Volume: 8.321
Backed Volume: 1.482

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

# Bets
# Bets

Placed Bets

Time User Option Bet Amount Odds Payout
11:08AM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC popcsmar Yes 0.00807908 1.04x 0.00815018
1:14AM, Jan 20, 2021 UTC RunIt2020 No 0.014 10.31x 0.00000000
5:20PM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC Anonymous No 0.017 10.25x 0.00000000
12:54PM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.005 1.03x 0.00515000
6:24AM, Jan 19, 2021 UTC freedom Yes 0.01 1.03x 0.01030000
9:26AM, Jan 18, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.014 8.00x 0.00000000
6:56AM, Jan 18, 2021 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.02222222 10.00x 0.21555553
11:08PM, Jan 17, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.037 3.01x 0.00000000
9:48PM, Jan 17, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.0123 7.42x 0.00000000
8:35PM, Jan 17, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.0554 9.93x 0.00000000
7:46AM, Jan 16, 2021 UTC dhorks Yes 0.1 1.05x 0.10185000
2:40AM, Jan 16, 2021 UTC AForceNinja Yes 0.3 1.05x 0.30555000
6:21AM, Jan 15, 2021 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.005 7.62x 0.03695700
6:18AM, Jan 15, 2021 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.005 15.00x 0.07275000
10:29PM, Jan 13, 2021 UTC freedom Yes 0.005 1.04x 0.00504400
9:23PM, Jan 13, 2021 UTC dhorks Yes 0.05 1.04x 0.05044000
8:30PM, Jan 12, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.05 8.64x 0.00000000
7:52PM, Jan 12, 2021 UTC Anonymous No 0.005 10.18x 0.00000000
6:54PM, Jan 12, 2021 UTC Golhoneybadger No 0.01226058 10.21x 0.00000000
9:49AM, Jan 12, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.01 10.51x 0.00000000
10:51PM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC sortino No 0.4 10.25x 0.00000000
9:43PM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.13 10.25x 0.00000000
8:07PM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.1 10.27x 0.00000000
4:45PM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC kazanecki No 0.023 16.00x 0.00000000
1:04PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC MAGAbro No 0.01610614 10.00x 0.00000000
12:59PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.014 1.07x 0.01453060
12:48PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC Anonymous No 0.062 1.08x 0.00000000
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d_d 5:03AM, Jan 17, 2021 UTC
@Loopylocksta I wonder how is it possible that one can still bet on both sides: but odds for YES are swinging so dramatically here... and are not even available at this moment!!
betterment 7:13AM, Jan 16, 2021 UTC
That was one lucky person. Somewhat relevant bet; if any Patriot trusts that Trump will invoke the Insurrection Act or declare martial law, there's a chance to make money: I can bet more on NO if there's interest.
praine 10:49AM, Jan 15, 2021 UTC
Looks like someone forgot which bet they were laying for. 15x and 7.6x for 'Yes', lol. I definitely need to refresh this site more often.
Avalon 6:33PM, Jan 13, 2021 UTC
@stav219 Likely because someone else was betting at the exact same time. Please refresh the page and try the bet again.
Golhoneybadger 7:04PM, Jan 12, 2021 UTC
trust the plan
stav219 5:39PM, Jan 12, 2021 UTC
why am I not able to bet 0.005? "Those odds are no longer available."
Scorpion 4:36PM, Jan 11, 2021 UTC
@kazanecki, just pick up the next offer with bigger volume and it should work
Blackspiody 5:18AM, Jan 11, 2021 UTC
@kazanecki Looks like the minimum bet size is set to 0.005 on this proposition. Maybe that's it?
Avalon 2:50AM, Jan 11, 2021 UTC
@kazanecki - there likely isn't enough volume available to match what you'd like to bet. You can see the current available offers to match by clicking 'View Offer Depth'.
kazanecki 6:22PM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC
I can not bet " NO" though offers are available !? Why ??
adrarbilal 3:30PM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC
MAGAbro , can you add stable coin option like usdt or usdc for betting ?
ITVAULT 4:14AM, Jan 10, 2021 UTC
Hi all... I was looking at betting on this, but serious question, what the heck does this mean: ".... if Joe was inaugurated or is otherwise installed as President". HOW can he be installed any other way other than "inaugurated"? If Trump and Biden are still contesting and the Mass Media says Joe's in WITHOUT a legal inauguration... ?
Avalon 6:54PM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC
@Blackspiody The payout time/date/delays don't matter to whether or not this gets resolved accurately. Generally speaking, assuming no reports, the host has 24hrs after the specified 'outcome time' on the timeline to select a resolution, then 24hrs for people to report it before it gets paid out. If it is reported, our mods will review and select the correct resolution and the payout continues as normal. Hope that answers the questions!
Blackspiody 5:23AM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC
@d_d I sure hope it's that way, and the report button isn't exploitable the way I think it might be. Imagine if a moderator's resolution of a bet is always just as disputable as the host's resolution of a bet? That would be a glaring weak spot that would need to be remedied ASAP. Thanks for hearing out my worries, lol. Ah, I feel better having voiced them
d_d 3:16AM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC
Perhaps that was due to the general ambiguity of that rare situation. The delay was in fact warranted and understandable. There also can be two types of resolutions by the moderator: 'the almost final one' (still disputable within 24 hours) and the 'final one' (undisputable) (just a guess)
Blackspiody 2:42AM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC
@d_d I've personally seen a bet be reported, then resolved, then reported AGAIN, leading to more delays. I think @praine has too.
d_d 2:38AM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC
after moderator resolves the bet, it is set in stone and can't be disputed.
Blackspiody 2:15AM, Jan 9, 2021 UTC
Is there any way to guarantee that butthurt losers won't spam the report button to delay the payout once "YES" wins in January 21st? I'm dealing with delays because these guys keep complaining to resolution dates AFTER they lose the bet they agreed the conditions to.
praine 2:49PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
You guys are indeed reading into it 'a bit'. Obviously this guy should word his bets a bit more professionally like choosing 'for any reason' as the wording rather than jumping to 'death' as an example, but the way it reads is one 'reason' out of many possible reasons.
Scorpion 2:47PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
...uh, sorry, laying No side I meant of course (already forgot what the wording of this particular bet was)... and we are *all* laying high odds there :/ I took my own offer down significantly to not to provide too much incentive (even though my stake was small to begin with)
Scorpion 2:42PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
@udohtu5182, I was thinking of the same thing. Laying high odds to Yes side could be even interpreted as offering a hit contract (even though no-one seems to be doing that here)
udohtu5182 2:19PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
I might be reading into this a bit, but this sounds like a bet asking whether MAGAbro or some of his mates will succeed in murdering the President on or before Jan 21st.
cryptoman 2:09PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
lol :-)
AHamilton 1:43PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
LoopyLocksta was here...
praine 1:14PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
Yeah, and 15 mins later they can see they could've gotten 10x.
cryptoman 1:10PM, Jan 8, 2021 UTC
I see a 0.062 risky bet with an extremely low payout...

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