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Super Bowl LI Winner

Super Bowl LI Winner


Pick the Winner of the upcoming Super Bowl occurring on 2/5/2017. A bet on "Other" is any team besides New England or Seattle.

Decision Logic ..

CLOSING IN2017-02-05 04:55:00

10:29PM, Nov 11, 2016 UTC

4:55AM, Feb 5, 2017 UTC

7:00AM, Feb 6, 2017 UTC

RESOLVED AT 12:02PM, Feb 6, 2017 UTC

Offered Volume: 0.6984
Backed Volume: 0.3171

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "New England Patriots"

New England Patriots
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Seattle Seahawks
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Placed Bets

Time User Option Bet Amount Odds Payout
12:24AM, Feb 3, 2017 UTC Anonymous Other 0.14 2.32x 0.00000000
8:07AM, Feb 1, 2017 UTC TheTorTrapGod New England Patriots 0.024 1.65x 0.03841200
5:35AM, Jan 2, 2017 UTC bl4ckw4ter Seattle Seahawks 0.07739019 6.51x 0.00000000
4:19AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC Anonymous Seattle Seahawks 0.005 6.66x 0.00000000
4:19AM, Dec 21, 2016 UTC Anonymous New England Patriots 0.005 3.20x 0.01552000
3:04AM, Dec 18, 2016 UTC Anonymous New England Patriots 0.0057 3.55x 0.01962795
2:45AM, Nov 21, 2016 UTC Anonymous Other 0.06 1.30x 0.00000000


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Avalon 8:39PM, Feb 12, 2017 UTC
Hey rtflsna - we looked at the commission payout for this and it was indeed correct. As a host of Fixed Odds propositions, you only get commission on the winning backer payouts, which on this bet was about 0.07 BTC worth.
TheTorTrapGod 7:59AM, Feb 2, 2017 UTC
i did some half assed research and landed here, lets go pats. i hate em but the ROI is too good
rtflsna 9:47PM, Feb 1, 2017 UTC
@TheTorTrapGod are you referring to the numerous options on betmoose for betting on the same event? I agree there seems to be too many. There is only one other fixed odds option for betting on the SB, but mine was offered during the season. My suggestion, find the one with best odds
TheTorTrapGod 8:04AM, Feb 1, 2017 UTC
wouldnt it be smarter to keep it all in one pool rather than creating a milli of em
Asnoman 5:00AM, Jan 23, 2017 UTC
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