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Taas Token Will Surpass 10 USD by December 31st

Taas Token Will Surpass 10 USD by December 31st


Tokens As A Service (TaaS) ICO started off on a rocky note with them being accused of being a scam. However 3 months after ico ended they provided a dividend equating to .28 cents per token in ETH but ended up equaling 40 cents in value by the time the ETH was distributed equating to 50 percent ROI ICO price price of 80cents per taas.

There has been a price hike the days following the first dividend and following btc fork and tenx (pay) price going up 5x taas holdings value has increased substantially in the first 2 weeks of this quarter. The next dividend is scheduled early Nov. and dividend amount is expected to far exceed this quarter.

Decision Logic

With the price currently at 3.5 usd per taas token do you think the price per token will reach or surpass 10 usd by New Years Eve? A 285% increase from todays price.

If you think Taas will surpass 10 USD by Jan1 st 00:00 EST BID YES

If you think Taas will NOT surpass 10 USD by Jan 1st 00:00 BID NO

Price will be checked 'historical data' in
If the value is exactly 10 USD a NO bet will be correct.

Bet will end early if Taas Surpasses 10 USD before Jan1st

10:32PM, Aug 14, 2017 UTC

2:55AM, Oct 2, 2017 UTC

2:55AM, Jan 3, 2018 UTC


This bet has been cancelled!

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