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The 45th or 46th U.S. President in 2020

The 45th or 46th U.S. President in 2020


The 2020 U.S. Presidential race closes on election day Tuesday NOV3, 2020. The elected president becomes the 46th U.S. President if Trump does not win. State voters will select presidential electors who in turn elect a president and vice president through the electoral college.
This proposition mimics the 2016 one by sandhog, which opened before major parties nominated final candiates, and closed shortly before election day.

Decision Logic

Final results with major media announcements of the winner. Without a consensus, such as with the 2000 recount that involved the U.S. Supreme Court, the outcome may be delayed until certain.

CLOSING IN2020-11-03 04:55:00

3:34PM, Feb 12, 2020 UTC

4:55AM, Nov 3, 2020 UTC

3:00AM, Nov 4, 2020 UTC

RESOLVED AT 4:56PM, Nov 7, 2020 UTC

Total Volume: 66.97

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "OTHER"

66.96795825 was split between 139 bettors.
# of Bets:93
# of Bets:15
# of Bets:7
# of Bets:6
# of Bets:139


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Hodgkinson 11:01AM, Sep 28, 2020 UTC
Pretty limited volume on the fixed odds option though. Tough to put a sizeable bet through there.
AHamilton 9:43AM, Sep 28, 2020 UTC
Dogsofwar, you'll get a 90% return betting on Trump at the Fixed Odds version of this bet. Here you get a nice 25-30% return or so. Your call.
Hodgkinson 11:41PM, Sep 27, 2020 UTC
Dogsofwar, there are some examples in the sites faq but in a nutshell the earlier you get your bet in the better your odds will end up. The odds will change closer to the election date as more money comes in for both sides but one BTC bet now will have a higher return than one BTC bet on the day before the election.
dogsofwar 9:33PM, Sep 26, 2020 UTC
can someone please help me because i seem to be confused. i want to place a sizable bet on trump to win, but i’m having a hard time understanding which bet has the best return odds and how the time weight multiplier works. where should i bet?
barvI 9:34PM, Sep 21, 2020 UTC
I don't understand why yesterday it appears "Biden" instead of "Sanders", I am crazy? Can someone explain? Thanks!
AHamilton 6:44AM, Sep 19, 2020 UTC
jagsbeach, you might be correct in fact. Odds here are fine. Perhaps slightly better odds for Trump at the fixed odds version.
jagsbeach 8:25PM, Sep 18, 2020 UTC
I'm calculating -120 which beats Bovada for a new bet. On average, if the pot keeps growing everyone in benefits.
AHamilton 1:23PM, Sep 17, 2020 UTC
Betting Biden on this market is now officially the worst odds you can get anywhere on the internet. PredictIt, Betfair, Mybookie -- you can pick up better odds betting No on Trump/Yes on Biden at any of these places...
AHamilton 1:17PM, Sep 17, 2020 UTC
3 bitcoin! Odds for "Other" just went to shyt...
AHamilton 11:07AM, Aug 29, 2020 UTC
*Nevermind, I see now. It pays just over 2:1 at present...
AHamilton 11:03AM, Aug 29, 2020 UTC
Newbie here. So, how to figure out how much the current payout would be if I bet on Other? The time multiplier is about 9. The avg. is probably about 18. So I'd get roughly a 70% return?
Eirik 11:58AM, Aug 10, 2020 UTC
@posclegom If he gets the virus, he is done. One bad handshake and Sanders takes over
posclegom 2:10PM, Aug 9, 2020 UTC
You know what would be funny? Something happens to Biden which incapacitates him, and the Democrats are forced to nominate Sanders.
sirlanka 9:13AM, Aug 8, 2020 UTC
@Jmikks1 Yes. A lot of money has been bet on Trump
Jmikks1 4:06AM, Aug 8, 2020 UTC
Is the payout on other really 2.5x? That seems like pretty good odds
praine 11:35PM, Aug 6, 2020 UTC
Damn, some crazy action here! This is really shaping up to be just like the big bet in 2016, isn't it? And I daresay the conclusion will probably be the same. :D
Eirik 12:36PM, Aug 3, 2020 UTC
Funny thing is that bitcoin will probably be in a bull market all the way until November. This is a good way of hodling
jagsbeach 6:15PM, Aug 1, 2020 UTC
for the record, I am no longer placing bets. also, what I placed to seed was evenly distributed.
jagsbeach 6:11PM, Aug 1, 2020 UTC
@fast_charge per decision logic, a major media consensus is the primary trigger. if the media does not form a consensus, it would likely fall to a court decision. claims by a party or candidate are not part of the equation.
fast_charge 4:50PM, Jul 31, 2020 UTC
jagsbeach: consider the following hypothetical scenario: after election day mainstream media outlets (tv stations, newspapers, etc.) show that biden was the clear winner. assume trump does not concede defeat. instead he claims there was voter fraud, says the outcome is illegitimate, etc. maybe he vows to take legal action to challenge the election results, etc. if this sort of scenario were to play out, this bet would still resolve in favor of OTHER, correct?
Eirik 11:24AM, Jul 31, 2020 UTC
God bless the person who put 17 bitcoin on Trump!
jagsbeach 3:25PM, Jul 15, 2020 UTC
For VP
jagsbeach 12:33PM, Jul 15, 2020 UTC
Wow. It’s on. Again for clarity Biden (or anyone else not listed here) is Other.
Neptunocrat 6:43AM, Jun 15, 2020 UTC
Do you think Trump will win wisconsin, Michiagan and Pensylvania? Bet Here.
d_d 2:52AM, May 26, 2020 UTC
Everything is still possible. My guess is if Biden somehow drops out (for any reason) Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders and Mike Bloomberg are basically OBLIGED to unsuspend their campaigns.
jagsbeach 2:07PM, May 25, 2020 UTC
Yes, BIDEN is OTHER. When this was created, after Iowa but before South Carolina, these choices represented the top odds by other bookmakers. Joe Biden was written off. Honestly, I considered replacing Pete with Joe at the time. But I stuck with the Odds at the time.
4dniner 9:43AM, Mar 28, 2020 UTC
I like how Creepy Joe is referred to as "other"

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