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The 45th U.S. President in 2016

The 45th U.S. President in 2016


The 2016 U.S. Presidential Race will come to close on the Election Day. The United States presidential election of 2016, scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016, will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election. And elected president will be the 45th U.S. President. Voters will select presidential electors who in turn will elect a new president and vice president through the Electoral College.

Decision Logic

Final election result from major media naming the new president. If there is a recount like The United States presidential election of 2000, the final and outcome date is postpond until outcome of the United States Supreme Court decision that resolve the dispute.

CLOSING IN2016-11-06 04:00:00

7:50PM, Jan 14, 2016 UTC

4:00AM, Nov 6, 2016 UTC

8:00PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC

RESOLVED AT 6:08PM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC

Total Volume: 401.4

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Donald Trump"

401.35295626 was split between 115 bettors.
Hillary Clinton
# of Bets:290
Donald Trump
# of Bets:115
Bernie Sanders
# of Bets:19
Marco Rubio
# of Bets:6
# of Bets:51


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jagsbeach 4:38AM, Nov 6, 2016 UTC
"The outcome will be known in: 5 Days." Woot. We are now locked-in ahead of the immutable "outcome determined" deadline. May the odds be ever in your favor.
rodzilla38 8:19PM, Nov 4, 2016 UTC
@TrumpWillWin if you don't get why I asked read further down the thread bone head. I bet 42 bitcoins. I don't know what kind of person has a $30,000 addiction, but it ain't me. Do twice as much thinking as you do talking.
Asnoman 7:27AM, Nov 4, 2016 UTC
@all, only about 6.5 coins left on Trump action and 5.5 on Hillary action. Get your bets going with fixed odds at
TrumpWillWin 3:21AM, Nov 4, 2016 UTC
rodzilla, the only reason you would be in such a hurry to see your winnings is if you have some kind of addiction you're not telling us about. All that matters is that I DO get my money if I win. If it takes a couple days to acknowledge the final result, then so be it.
rodzilla38 9:30PM, Nov 3, 2016 UTC
You think it is unreasonable for me to be upset that after I bet 42 BTC and I ask the moderator a question that he wouldn't answer after a week?
Wintermute 8:53PM, Nov 3, 2016 UTC
@rodzilla38 Chill out.
rodzilla38 6:13PM, Nov 3, 2016 UTC
@TrashPanda thanks for betting $140 to possibly win $6.36. I really appreciate the free money chump. P.S. WTF Sandhog I asked about decision outcome and you still haven't answered. If result clear, set outcome a few hrs after it is announced you stupid *****.
Deleted12 10:47AM, Oct 30, 2016 UTC
Yeah, Hillary might actually win, in regards to all the suspected voting fraud. If anyone betting is voting for Trump and you live in a state where there is electronic voting machines, please see to it that you get a receipt- or even better, demand to vote on paper instead. Don't let Soros fraud machines steal your vote.
sirlanka 7:46AM, Oct 30, 2016 UTC
Better odds here:
Asnoman 5:18AM, Oct 30, 2016 UTC
Plenty of action for Trump betting (and Crooked Hillary) here:
rodzilla38 1:12AM, Oct 30, 2016 UTC
@SpaceTire I want more people to bet on Crooked Hillary too, but people can see that you bet on Trump. Lying to get somebody else's money is just bad karma (and if you don't believe in karma it's just because you haven't lived long enough -- it will catch up with you). People will bet on who they want to bet on regardless, we should just hope more people continue to bet on CH, instead of trying to trick people. I'm just glad my bets have 10x and 6x multipliers so I will get more money anyways.
SpaceTire 6:51PM, Oct 29, 2016 UTC
This new FBI thing is a farce. Hillary has this in the bag. Bet Big on Big Hill!
rodzilla38 4:17PM, Oct 29, 2016 UTC
she wants to drone Assange, these people are not stupid. Wikileaks will sink her chance to be President because they know that Trump is the only way Assange gets to leave the Ecuadorian embassy in London and go to Russia. Wikileaks knows what they are doing and they will stop Crooked Hillary once and for all, but please keep betting on her. I want to buy a jet ski.
rodzilla38 4:13PM, Oct 29, 2016 UTC
look family friendly in comparison, and it will force Obama to condemn Hillary and really piss off blacks and hispanics. There is no way that minorities will come out and vote for her after the tape is released, and she can't win really close states like Florida without blacks and hispanics in Miami, Nevada without hispanics, North Carolina and Ohio without blacks, or Pennsylvania without blacks in Philadelphia. Without minorities helping her, she can't those states. Crooked Hillary has said
rodzilla38 4:05PM, Oct 29, 2016 UTC
Wikileaks. He has interviewed Assange and has written stories on documents they have leaked in the past (like the Chelsea Manning drone videos, the Diplomatic Cables, etc.) Anyways, my friend's sources have told them the Podesta emails are just the warm-up, their real surprise is a tape they are going to drop 5 days before the election of Crooked Hillary talking about how she really feels about blacks and hispanics. My friend has been told that it is so bad it will make the Trump pu55y tape
rodzilla38 3:59PM, Oct 29, 2016 UTC
@kally lol please put more money on Clinton then. I have love watching my payout increase as more and more people pour money into Clinton thinking this race is a lock. I didn't even know about the new FBI investigation into Crooked Hillary when I placed my bet and people are tired of the corrupt lying politicians and they are not going to vote for someone who will have to be arrested in the White House. I bet on Trump because a very close friend of mine is a journalist and has sources in
kally 2:33AM, Oct 29, 2016 UTC
If you bet on Trump, why are you even bothering to worry about cashing out? Those coins are lost, my friend.
rodzilla38 9:58PM, Oct 28, 2016 UTC
the outcome. In that case, obviously we should wait. But we should also be flexible that if the results are abundantly clear sooner, there is no logical reason to delay payout. I believe my proposal, to set outcome between 2-4 am, ***IF THE RESULT IS CLEAR*** will still protect people who bet on the actual winner from being harmed from an incorrect outcome decision, while also allowing the winners to get their money up to 2 days sooner.
rodzilla38 9:52PM, Oct 28, 2016 UTC
have to wait until Friday to sell your BTC and request a wire transfer, that wouldn't be processed until the next week because or the weekend. Do you not understand how an extra day and a half going into a weekend actually means an extra 3 and a half additional days of waiting to get fiat? This wouldn't be such a big deal if the decision were being made on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, but it will take longer if it goes over the weekend. The entire point is that we may not know until December
rodzilla38 9:46PM, Oct 28, 2016 UTC
hour challenge outcome to go to Thursday till 2-3 am. That leaves all of Wednesday to delay or stop payment if the result becomes uncertain. However, by Wednesday afternoon we will know one of two things with 99.9995% certainty: a) that someone won the race with no close or contestable margins, or b) that the race is too close to decide and will require more time. If it is option (a), why should we have to wait 36 more hours for the outcome? ESPECIALLY when waiting that long would cause you to
rodzilla38 9:34PM, Oct 28, 2016 UTC
@SpaceTire but I already bet 42 BTC on Trump. @jagsbeach Nov 11 may be a safe date, but that doesn't mean that setting outcome earlier isn't just as safe. If the race isn't close, it will be called independently by dozens of news organizations before midnight, and by 2 or 3 am we will know with 97% certainty whether those results hold, or if it will take the next few days or weeks to know the winner. Setting the outcome at 2-3 am after the election (again, if it is not close), will let the 24
praine 9:32PM, Oct 28, 2016 UTC
Get much better Hillary odds here:
jagsbeach 3:54PM, Oct 28, 2016 UTC
@rodzilla38 Also, we don't want to mess with the way things work. And they work well. NOV11 was probably chosen as a safe date where the results are certain to be known (unless we have a 2000-like situation that @Sandhog outlines above). At midnight NOV11 sandhog's button is enabled. He will click the winner. He will confirm with a reminder that his reputation is at stake if he gets is wrong. He will get it right. Betmoose will then resolve winning accounts as it always does.
SpaceTire 4:20AM, Oct 28, 2016 UTC
@rodzilla, quit your *****ing and place some more money on Hillary!
rodzilla38 12:55AM, Oct 28, 2016 UTC
fiat. If outcome is chosen on Wednesday morning, and final resolution and payment happen on Thursday morning, than you can ask for a wire and maybe avoid having to wait over the weekend. My whole point is I just don't understand why it can't be resolved sooner if the result is clear, convincing, and undisputed a couple of hours after the polls close.
rodzilla38 12:52AM, Oct 28, 2016 UTC
@Avalon: 1. I'd like to have my money in my own hands especially when it is something that is so susceptible to hacking, but 2. It may only be 24 hours difference to resolution, but if it gets resolved at 8 PM on Thursday, that means that by the time you can sell it on an exchange, and ask for a bank wire it is Friday, and banks don't work Saturday and Sunday and your account won't be credited till the week after. That extra 24 hours going into a weekend, adds two days of waiting time to get
Asnoman 8:32PM, Oct 27, 2016 UTC
Fixed odds on this bet can be found here:
Avalon 4:24AM, Oct 27, 2016 UTC
@rodzilla38 Don't worry, everything will be ok. Host will resolve when he has the chance, or we will after 24 hours if he doesn't. You can wait 24 hours for your winnings, they aren't going anywhere. Yes everyone gets paid out at the same time, with user balances being credited instantly post-resolution, and anon's will have to wait for their automated sends within the following few minutes/hours depending on how fast cold storage is reloaded.
rodzilla38 2:09AM, Oct 27, 2016 UTC
If the host picks the outcome a couple hours after the race is called, we could have the bet resolved by Thursday morning US time instead of 8 PM on Thursday. This would still leave all of Wednesday afternoon and night to contest result if the outcome is uncertain or there are recounts needed. Assuming the winner is pretty clear and the bet is resolved by Thursday morning or night, how soon do we get payout? Does everybody get payout at same time?
rodzilla38 2:08AM, Oct 27, 2016 UTC
on East Coast, and the polls close at 7PM in Florida and 7:30PM in Ohio and North Carolina. If the returns come in and the results aren't close, it would probably be pretty safe to declare outcome around 2-3 AM US Eastern, probably 4 hours after the networks call the race between 11 PM and Midnight.

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