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The 45th U.S. President in 2016

The 45th U.S. President in 2016


The 2016 U.S. Presidential Race will come to close on the Election Day. The United States presidential election of 2016, scheduled for Tuesday, November 8, 2016, will be the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election. And elected president will be the 45th U.S. President. Voters will select presidential electors who in turn will elect a new president and vice president through the Electoral College.

Decision Logic

Final election result from major media naming the new president. If there is a recount like The United States presidential election of 2000, the final and outcome date is postpond until outcome of the United States Supreme Court decision that resolve the dispute.

CLOSING IN2016-11-06 04:00:00

7:50PM, Jan 14, 2016 UTC

4:00AM, Nov 6, 2016 UTC

8:00PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC

RESOLVED AT 6:08PM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC

Total Volume: 401.4

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Donald Trump"

401.35295626 was split between 115 bettors.
Hillary Clinton
# of Bets:290
Donald Trump
# of Bets:115
Bernie Sanders
# of Bets:19
Marco Rubio
# of Bets:6
# of Bets:51


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AForceNinja 7:48PM, Sep 29, 2016 UTC
There's some big money being thrown around in here
jagsbeach 8:38PM, Sep 22, 2016 UTC
Indeed. As a participant in this contest, this has become a truly amazing pot. As a left-leaning democrat the polls and willingness or someone to drop 36BTC sends shivers up my spine. Mostly congrats to the 'Moose great stuff and three cheers for cold storage.
SpaceTire 4:58AM, Sep 22, 2016 UTC
whoever just put 36 Btc on Donald Trump. God bless your soul.
Sandhog 3:30PM, Sep 21, 2016 UTC
After the first presidential debate on September 26, we will be able to better estimate who will be our next president.
SpaceTire 8:54PM, Sep 19, 2016 UTC
I LOVE America and I Love Donald J. Trump. I find it very hard to believe he wont be our 45th President. If everyone could put their money into the Clinton side, That would make me very happy.
thc 8:23PM, Aug 8, 2016 UTC
Not sure if URL's are allowed in comments, but I urge people to read this one.
thc 8:13PM, Aug 8, 2016 UTC
Hillary destroyed Libya and Syria. She tipped Honduras from democracy to fascism. She implemented a "pay to play" scheme in Haiti, so that companies who gave to the Clinton Foundation were awarded contracts in rebuilding after the earthquake. Of course there's the dead bodies in Arkansas and after. There's also her stubborn insistence on using a non-government mail server to allow her corrupt "pay to play" programs the secrecy they needed, but which also exposed American secrets. Trump 2016
zoidberg 8:27PM, Jun 17, 2016 UTC
Why not Nixon?
praine 1:21AM, Jun 13, 2016 UTC
@999silver If you want to make a new proposition (Trump/Hillary Vs. Anyone else to win the presidency) you can do so here: I think it's a great idea.
praine 1:18AM, Jun 13, 2016 UTC
Hey @999silver. If you don't think the first four candidates will win the presidency you can bet on "Other" and if someone else does win (a third party candidate for instance), you will win the bet.
999silver 3:03PM, Jun 11, 2016 UTC
I bet NEITHER Hillary NOR Trump will become president in Jan 2017 How do I start my proposition? [Just signed up & still learnin']
masterfu678 12:14PM, May 25, 2016 UTC
Even through I don't like it, I say Trump will win, dark times are ahead of us my friends.
Sandhog 1:44AM, May 18, 2016 UTC
This has to be the most unusual Presidential Election in US. It could get very interesting after a third party candidate jumps in for general election. This year's election is better than a reality show.
Avalon 8:20PM, May 13, 2016 UTC
Anyone is also welcome to re-create this prop with Fixed Odds. Remember that any user can host and any other user can 'offer' (lay) odds on others' props. For example, feel free to place lay wagers on this related one:
Avalon 8:18PM, May 13, 2016 UTC
@jagsbeach done.
jagsbeach 11:13AM, May 12, 2016 UTC
Can we add some tags to this (for example: Election)? Seems it should be trending hotter.
jagsbeach 9:12PM, May 11, 2016 UTC
Not saying who I picked, but looking good on volume. Love to see this ( become one of the biggest pots.
disco90210 2:16PM, May 10, 2016 UTC
I think we are at a very unique point in time and none of the candidates are qualified to run the United States. Because of this I think that fear will get most of the uneducated population out there to vote for Trump because his platform is based on emotion and not logic. My bet is not a reflection of my desire for him to win, but a hedge against my desire to not lose (in life). Best of luck.
Deleted6 12:09AM, Feb 14, 2016 UTC
Killary Clinton

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