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There will be more Yes than No volume on this bet

There will be more Yes than No volume on this bet


The side with the most volume wins the coins of the other side. YOU influence the outcome. Go!

Decision Logic

Will be judged from the results of this bet. If 'Yes' has more total volume, the 'Yes' bettors win. If 'No' has more volume, the 'No' bettors win. Good luck!

CLOSING IN2014-07-04 19:00:00

3:34AM, Jul 3, 2014 UTC

7:00PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC

7:30PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC

RESOLVED AT 7:53PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC

Total Volume: 2.625

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

2.625 was split between 7 bettors.
# of Bets:8
# of Bets:7


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zjbird 2:47PM, Jul 7, 2014 UTC
I literally made my bet a few seconds before the end. There were other bets going in a few seconds before that. Are you sure you didn't bet and then I bet after you and since you didn't refresh you didn't notice until a few minutes later?
Avalon 5:32PM, Jul 5, 2014 UTC
Can someone take a screenshot or something and send it to us at [email protected] please? We'll investigate ourselves as well, will hotfix if we find anything asap.
freedom 9:42PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC
O_O so it does change at the last minute interesting
letdown 8:09PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC
@zjbird i'm not sure sure what happened. the clock ticking down on showed 8 seconds when i made my bid, the lo and behold.. 4 minutes later you guys sniped the bet. if i knew there were 5ish minutes to go, i wouldn't have made that bid.
zjbird 7:50PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC
@letdown what do you mean? I was watching the time to expire and never crossed it...
letdown 7:31PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC
i made a bid with 8 seconds to go.. why did i end up losing to someone else's bid 4 minutes AFTER the set time to expire?
Gloomfrost 7:15PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC donald damn youuuu!! :P .. I think we need to agree as a community we need to only run one of these at a time lol
Gloomfrost 7:13PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC
zj lol! Just dumps 2.1 BTC on this all like NOPE! This is starting to remind me of trading BTC at btc-e; as soon as you get to $600 some whale comes in and sets up some ridiculous wall with like a gajillian BTC
BetMoose 7:12PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC
These bets will get very awesome when we implement live updates.
zjbird 7:08PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC
That's fine with me cutie ;)
KoldBane 7:03PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC
zjbird, i will find you, and I will kiss you on the mouth
Alaric 7:01PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC
Saw that coming from a mile away. ;)
donaldtrump 7:00PM, Jul 4, 2014 UTC
That was fun!

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