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There will be more Yes than No votes on this bet

There will be more Yes than No votes on this bet


Are you a Yes Man (or Woman)? Find out by betting on the behaviour of others in this bet!

Game theory fans and people who love doing a lot of bets will be thrilled by this nice self-referencial bet.

Decision Logic

If there are more Yes votes (amount of VOTES, not weights!) than NO votes on this bet, it will be ruled that YES wins.
In case there are more NO votes OR the same amount of YES and NO votes, NO wins.
Please be aware that the outcome of this bet can be changed by other participants' bets up to the last minute and you'll influence the outcome by betting too!

CLOSING IN2014-06-02 16:00:00

5:25AM, May 29, 2014 UTC

4:00PM, Jun 2, 2014 UTC

4:30PM, Jun 2, 2014 UTC

RESOLVED AT 4:31PM, Jun 2, 2014 UTC

Total Volume: 0.2200

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Yes"

0.22 was split between 27 bettors.
# of Bets:27
# of Bets:7


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Sukrim 4:05PM, Jun 2, 2014 UTC
Bold strategy in the end :) I'll post a similar bet once the page goes into open beta, happy betting.
DJTaylorBrown 8:46AM, Jun 2, 2014 UTC
Well I read it correctly, but it took me a minute to get the math. Two votes for 0.05 is actually worth more than one at 0.01. Note to self don't bet at 4:44 AM :P
InflatableOrc 8:41AM, Jun 2, 2014 UTC
Remember kids - # of bets, not volume - I see 3 of you that didn't read it correctly :P
Sukrim 9:17AM, May 30, 2014 UTC
Well, by betting early you increase the pot, by betting late (it is easy to bet a small amount several times) you increase your chances of winning... ;-)
Avalon 5:48AM, May 29, 2014 UTC
Let's play self-fulfilling prophecy!
Gloomfrost 5:37AM, May 29, 2014 UTC
Very clever lol. Looks like you're the first to play what I call the 'time-weight pyramid'

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