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Trump elected president in 2020 [Fixed Odds]

Trump elected president in 2020 [Fixed Odds]


Will Donald Trump win re-election in 2020 to remain president.

If you would like to bet more than the matched offer allow you to, let me know in the comments so that I can increase the house stake. You can also lay offers. I will continuously update the odds according to oddschecker.

Let the games begin!

Decision Logic

Betting on YES means that you believe Donald Trump will win re-election in 2020

Betting on NO means he was unable to win for any reason which would include any, but not limited to, the following examples:

Being challenged and losing during the primaries
Resigning from or being removed from the presidency
Losing the general election in 2020

Early resolution is possible

CLOSING IN2020-11-01 23:00:00

12:17PM, Nov 12, 2019 UTC

11:00PM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC

11:00PM, Nov 3, 2020 UTC

Offered Volume: 4.234
Backed Volume: 4.434

*does not include 3% fee


*does not include 3% fee

Placed Bets

Time User Option Bet Amount Odds Expected Payout
5:15PM, Sep 21, 2020 UTC LucyF Yes 0.015 1.65x 0.02400750
10:29PM, Sep 19, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.28913798 1.90x 0.53288130
7:55PM, Sep 19, 2020 UTC rot67 No 0.0216 1.90x 0.03980880
4:23PM, Sep 19, 2020 UTC AHamilton No 0.00523572 1.90x 0.00964943
3:35PM, Sep 19, 2020 UTC pegoti No 0.00989 1.90x 0.01822727
2:23PM, Sep 18, 2020 UTC AHamilton No 0.02 1.83x 0.03550200
3:44AM, Sep 14, 2020 UTC madameirma Yes 0.014865 1.62x 0.02335886
9:15AM, Sep 9, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.051 1.68x 0.08310960
1:03AM, Sep 7, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.024 1.70x 0.03957600
6:40AM, Sep 6, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.015 1.70x 0.02473500
6:39AM, Sep 6, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.02 1.92x 0.03724800
10:37PM, Sep 5, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.005 1.92x 0.00931200
8:52PM, Sep 5, 2020 UTC Zarathustra Yes 0.04 1.50x 0.05820000
12:39AM, Sep 2, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.03 1.46x 0.04248600
4:57PM, Aug 30, 2020 UTC Smartisan Yes 0.009 1.55x 0.01353150
11:09PM, Aug 29, 2020 UTC bafonix No 0.0089 1.91x 0.01648903
5:42PM, Aug 22, 2020 UTC Dilu Yes 0.0053 1.61x 0.00827701
3:11AM, Aug 19, 2020 UTC reanthony No 0.02 1.50x 0.02910000
9:27PM, Jul 31, 2020 UTC bengals45 Yes 0.02591036 2.00x 0.05026610
3:04AM, Jul 21, 2020 UTC jonnyq Yes 0.45 2.04x 0.89046000
7:53PM, Jul 17, 2020 UTC Carnitastaco No 0.02122966 1.40x 0.02882988
7:28AM, Jul 16, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.01601556 1.40x 0.02174913
4:44PM, Jul 13, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.75 1.71x 1.24402500
7:17PM, Jul 12, 2020 UTC Blackspiody No 0.008526 1.40x 0.01157831
2:02AM, Jul 11, 2020 UTC Ichise Yes 0.4404 2.21x 0.94408548
12:30AM, Jul 3, 2020 UTC Carnitastaco No 0.05 1.40x 0.06790000
2:48AM, Jul 2, 2020 UTC bm870599519652 No 0.4 1.50x 0.58200000
8:14PM, Jun 27, 2020 UTC rebelancerian No 0.02 1.51x 0.02929400
12:24AM, Jun 26, 2020 UTC sinmantky No 0.01 1.61x 0.01561700
10:49PM, Jun 7, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.0052 1.50x 0.00756600
8:01AM, May 11, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.01 1.52x 0.01474400
7:59AM, May 11, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.01 1.40x 0.01358000
6:11PM, May 8, 2020 UTC Zarathustra Yes 0.052 1.27x 0.06405880
1:53PM, Apr 29, 2020 UTC OnlineDegen No 0.324 2.07x 0.65055960
4:13PM, Apr 3, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.031 2.00x 0.06014000
5:32PM, Mar 19, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.00692207 2.00x 0.01342882
8:16AM, Mar 11, 2020 UTC connor5055 No 0.13 2.01x 0.25346100
9:02PM, Mar 7, 2020 UTC netscout1 No 0.1122 2.00x 0.21766800
6:31PM, Mar 7, 2020 UTC netscout1 No 0.1124 2.02x 0.22023656
12:43PM, Feb 20, 2020 UTC RonMexico Yes 0.01 1.20x 0.01164000
7:37PM, Feb 18, 2020 UTC 3ttt Yes 0.01 1.50x 0.01455000
8:27PM, Dec 20, 2019 UTC 3ttt Yes 0.05 2.00x 0.09700000
10:24PM, Dec 19, 2019 UTC 3ttt Yes 0.07 2.00x 0.13580000
7:46PM, Dec 2, 2019 UTC Zarathustra Yes 0.02 1.90x 0.03686000
1:00AM, Dec 2, 2019 UTC posclegom Yes 0.55446503 2.00x 1.07566216
5:37PM, Nov 28, 2019 UTC ryuukai No 0.01 1.70x 0.01649000
8:05AM, Nov 26, 2019 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.016 1.90x 0.02948800
9:52PM, Nov 19, 2019 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.02739543 2.10x 0.05580449
3:21AM, Nov 17, 2019 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.066 2.18x 0.13956360
9:59AM, Nov 13, 2019 UTC Eirik Yes 0.01 2.18x 0.02114600
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rtflsna 1:17AM, Sep 23, 2020 UTC
@AHamilton you can’t publicly price fix. I strongly condemn. But in the mean time talk to me on Twitter @rtflsna
AHamilton 6:34PM, Sep 22, 2020 UTC
got it, thanks. Whoever keeps bumping the yes lay odds, I propose a truce. Let's just match each other.
rtflsna 2:04PM, Sep 22, 2020 UTC
@AHamilton it appears so.. adjust the odds one way or the other (temporarily) and it will split it up and you'll be able to see what has already been filled. if that makes sense
AHamilton 11:13AM, Sep 22, 2020 UTC
Another newbie question: I've layed yes. Part of my bet says "0 unmatched". Does that mean someone has matched that portion? (It doesn't seem to show up on the Placed Bets list.) What happens if I change my unmatched portion of a laid bet?
AHamilton 4:32PM, Sep 19, 2020 UTC
If someone offers Biden odds for 1.95, i'll pounce.
AHamilton 3:42PM, Sep 18, 2020 UTC
Now I got it. Newbie here. Didn't fully understand all the options at first... Thanks for the explanation.
rtflsna 2:26PM, Sep 18, 2020 UTC
@AHamilton yes , this site calls it "lay" .. like laying odds i guess. Its the "Offer Odds (Lay)" button
AHamilton 2:12PM, Sep 18, 2020 UTC
I see. So, it's possible to put in an offer, like an ask, and wait for someone to accept?
rtflsna 5:24PM, Sep 17, 2020 UTC
@AHamilton on your "average vig like 25%" yes potentially. Betmoose doesn't determine the vig. they do take around 3% for their commission. but on fixed odds once a prop is made, the "vig" is determinded by the market really. Like the odds above at current time 1.6 v 1.83 neither are offered by the prop hoster that is just the best offers currently. Pari mutel gets very bad on the time factored ones after awhile i do not fool around with those
AHamilton 1:22PM, Sep 17, 2020 UTC
Odds now better for other than last time I checked. Unless I'm not understanding something, isn't the average vig here like 25%? Shouldn't it be possible to have one guy get a 65/35 return, and the other guy 35/65?
rtflsna 12:54PM, Sep 16, 2020 UTC
@AHamilton cause most users here only really know or are comfortable with the pari mutuel setup. So the, efficiency availability of fixed odds options is low.
AHamilton 4:17AM, Sep 16, 2020 UTC
Why do the odds seem to suck so much here?
rtflsna 2:13PM, Sep 8, 2020 UTC
@Avalon thanks for addressing
Avalon 8:46PM, Sep 7, 2020 UTC
@rtflsna - looks like you found a bug! Notifications were being populated when someone attempted to wager but didn't have enough balance. It's been fixed. Cheers,
rtflsna 7:10AM, Aug 29, 2020 UTC
I got a notification that ~.11 btc was bet on this on 8/27, but I don’t see the bet. Anyone else see that?
Eirik 11:05AM, Jul 14, 2020 UTC
@MooseMe - Payout is always some days after the outcome. If the result is close I can extend the processing time
MooseMe 3:08PM, Jul 6, 2020 UTC
I'm interested in betting this but there's concern among analysts that the election results will be contested. Also, six o'clock pm (Eastern Standard Time?), November 3rd feels to be too early to firmly determine what the outcome is. It seems likely that lots of precincts will still be counting at that time. If there's uncertainty, which can happen in numerous ways, will the resolution of this bet outcome be postponed until the winner is finalized and in the confirmed position to take office?
Neptunocrat 6:42AM, Jun 15, 2020 UTC
Do you think Trump will win wisconsin, Michiagan and Pensylvania? Bet Here.
rostrander 9:24AM, Feb 12, 2020 UTC
It is on again! The time multiplier. Bet early to get a larger piece! Will Trump be re-elected in 2020?
denniswood 8:50PM, Jan 25, 2020 UTC
Times running out, bet if you think Trump will be removed by the senate:
Glider 12:08PM, Nov 24, 2019 UTC
Only a month left to bet on this one:

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