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Trump elected president in 2020 [Fixed Odds]

Trump elected president in 2020 [Fixed Odds]


Will Donald Trump win re-election in 2020 to remain president.

If you would like to bet more than the matched offer allow you to, let me know in the comments so that I can increase the house stake. You can also lay offers. I will continuously update the odds according to oddschecker.

Let the games begin!

Decision Logic

Betting on YES means that you believe Donald Trump will win re-election in 2020

Betting on NO means he was unable to win for any reason which would include any, but not limited to, the following examples:

Being challenged and losing during the primaries
Resigning from or being removed from the presidency
Losing the general election in 2020

Early resolution is possible

CLOSING IN2020-11-01 23:00:00

12:17PM, Nov 12, 2019 UTC

11:00PM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC

11:00PM, Nov 3, 2020 UTC

RESOLVED AT 7:17PM, Nov 7, 2020 UTC

Offered Volume: 22.63
Backed Volume: 20.49

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "No"

# Bets
# Bets

Placed Bets

Time User Option Bet Amount Odds Payout
10:59PM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.3 2.20x 0.00000000
10:53PM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.006 2.20x 0.00000000
10:53PM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC 3ttt Yes 0.04 2.20x 0.00000000
10:07PM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC Hsiaobets Yes 0.02173517 2.18x 0.00000000
10:03PM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC synthaur Yes 0.05 2.18x 0.00000000
9:32PM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC kazanecki Yes 0.55247557 2.18x 0.00000000
9:07PM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC kazanecki Yes 0.6 2.42x 0.00000000
7:04PM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC FreedomOfTrade Yes 0.03011238 2.50x 0.00000000
5:14PM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC ceterisparibus Yes 0.005 2.38x 0.00000000
1:15PM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.0404 2.38x 0.00000000
11:50AM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC jlim087 Yes 0.07737731 2.38x 0.00000000
11:03AM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.03646445 2.38x 0.00000000
9:29AM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC Hsiaobets Yes 0.07 2.38x 0.00000000
7:54AM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC phelphagriff No 0.017 1.33x 0.02193170
4:09AM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC Galewind Yes 0.07277513 2.37x 0.00000000
1:15AM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC Coolvibrations Yes 0.07279 2.37x 0.00000000
12:08AM, Nov 1, 2020 UTC docker Yes 0.04401308 2.37x 0.00000000
10:25PM, Oct 31, 2020 UTC 4TUVeli Yes 0.02 2.37x 0.00000000
3:40PM, Oct 31, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.0076 2.36x 0.00000000
8:02AM, Oct 31, 2020 UTC Toastertech Yes 1.4268996 2.34x 0.00000000
2:13AM, Oct 31, 2020 UTC Fernando009 Yes 0.11 2.33x 0.00000000
7:35PM, Oct 30, 2020 UTC acesblue Yes 0.00749688 2.32x 0.00000000
5:01PM, Oct 30, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.1 2.32x 0.00000000
5:43AM, Oct 30, 2020 UTC Nylan Yes 1.0996 2.32x 0.00000000
4:32AM, Oct 30, 2020 UTC jz1 Yes 0.0053 2.32x 0.00000000
4:04AM, Oct 30, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.037 2.32x 0.00000000
2:39AM, Oct 30, 2020 UTC jz1 Yes 0.005 2.32x 0.00000000
2:37PM, Oct 29, 2020 UTC fritz Yes 0.0059456 2.30x 0.00000000
12:24PM, Oct 29, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.04481278 2.28x 0.00000000
10:55AM, Oct 29, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.03949891 2.27x 0.00000000
7:17AM, Oct 29, 2020 UTC isami Yes 0.02511872 2.41x 0.00000000
4:11AM, Oct 29, 2020 UTC HarveySchlang Yes 0.1 2.49x 0.00000000
3:07AM, Oct 29, 2020 UTC AvonPsicorps Yes 0.049 2.49x 0.00000000
2:35AM, Oct 29, 2020 UTC jeb_bush No 0.00676305 1.30x 0.00852821
2:26AM, Oct 29, 2020 UTC Turbodog77 Yes 0.19093311 2.49x 0.00000000
1:03AM, Oct 29, 2020 UTC connor5055 No 0.622 1.40x 0.84467600
12:46AM, Oct 29, 2020 UTC tiffegut Yes 0.008 2.50x 0.00000000
11:34PM, Oct 28, 2020 UTC Lordkek Yes 0.03693455 2.50x 0.00000000
10:43PM, Oct 28, 2020 UTC dwisdom Yes 0.1 2.50x 0.00000000
6:06PM, Oct 28, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.08436752 2.50x 0.00000000
12:24PM, Oct 28, 2020 UTC OnlineDegen Yes 0.11200333 2.49x 0.00000000
10:10AM, Oct 28, 2020 UTC mrksdiehl Yes 0.02750493 2.34x 0.00000000
7:48AM, Oct 28, 2020 UTC docker Yes 0.0483373 2.34x 0.00000000
7:41AM, Oct 28, 2020 UTC mrksdiehl Yes 0.01840402 2.34x 0.00000000
5:17AM, Oct 28, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.00765 2.23x 0.00000000
4:55AM, Oct 28, 2020 UTC Turbodog77 Yes 0.18653402 2.23x 0.00000000
4:37AM, Oct 28, 2020 UTC KBD20 Yes 0.01 2.23x 0.00000000
12:43AM, Oct 28, 2020 UTC tiffegut Yes 0.01 2.22x 0.00000000
11:38PM, Oct 27, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.01 2.22x 0.00000000
11:33PM, Oct 27, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.008 2.22x 0.00000000
9:28PM, Oct 27, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.03209173 2.20x 0.00000000
2:18PM, Oct 27, 2020 UTC Rn3 Yes 0.03677035 2.19x 0.00000000
4:49PM, Oct 26, 2020 UTC dweeb Yes 0.00773239 2.13x 0.00000000
4:22AM, Oct 26, 2020 UTC stochastique Yes 0.40530612 2.10x 0.00000000
9:30PM, Oct 25, 2020 UTC kazanecki Yes 0.41 2.06x 0.00000000
9:15PM, Oct 25, 2020 UTC kazanecki Yes 0.04 2.06x 0.00000000
12:37PM, Oct 25, 2020 UTC thesplat Yes 1.5 2.05x 0.00000000
2:04AM, Oct 25, 2020 UTC algalon Yes 0.00708524 2.04x 0.00000000
1:44PM, Oct 24, 2020 UTC mrksdiehl Yes 0.3 2.09x 0.00000000
12:33PM, Oct 24, 2020 UTC Kodo Yes 0.38674 2.08x 0.00000000
12:59PM, Oct 23, 2020 UTC mrksdiehl Yes 0.1 2.01x 0.00000000
4:49AM, Oct 23, 2020 UTC mrksdiehl Yes 0.11062602 2.01x 0.00000000
4:50PM, Oct 22, 2020 UTC cmking94 Yes 0.05167901 2.04x 0.00000000
12:42PM, Oct 22, 2020 UTC gpac200 Yes 0.171 1.86x 0.00000000
4:35AM, Oct 22, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.36591917 1.87x 0.00000000
2:12AM, Oct 22, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.01 1.86x 0.00000000
9:14PM, Oct 21, 2020 UTC Zarathustra Yes 0.04334873 1.86x 0.00000000
7:45PM, Oct 21, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.2 1.92x 0.00000000
9:52AM, Oct 21, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 1.1 2.01x 0.00000000
6:50PM, Oct 20, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 1.34 2.30x 0.00000000
1:34PM, Oct 20, 2020 UTC betOVERbet Yes 0.13485314 2.30x 0.00000000
4:34PM, Oct 19, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.015 1.45x 0.02109750
3:26PM, Oct 19, 2020 UTC DAVEPROPOSAL Yes 0.012 2.30x 0.00000000
7:37AM, Oct 19, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.8 2.30x 0.00000000
6:23AM, Oct 19, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.1 2.31x 0.00000000
9:01PM, Oct 18, 2020 UTC mrdifi Yes 0.1 2.31x 0.00000000
8:02AM, Oct 18, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.005 1.41x 0.00683850
7:08AM, Oct 17, 2020 UTC tiffegut Yes 0.082 2.53x 0.00000000
8:17PM, Oct 15, 2020 UTC DAVEPROPOSAL Yes 0.035 2.53x 0.00000000
4:27AM, Oct 15, 2020 UTC isami Yes 0.03533593 2.53x 0.00000000
6:44PM, Oct 14, 2020 UTC DAVEPROPOSAL Yes 0.03 2.53x 0.00000000
6:22PM, Oct 14, 2020 UTC DAVEPROPOSAL Yes 0.04 2.53x 0.00000000
6:14PM, Oct 14, 2020 UTC DAVEPROPOSAL Yes 0.045 2.53x 0.00000000
5:03PM, Oct 13, 2020 UTC planetnine No 0.076 1.39x 0.10247080
7:04AM, Oct 13, 2020 UTC isami Yes 0.017369 2.53x 0.00000000
5:05PM, Oct 12, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.006 2.53x 0.00000000
4:49AM, Oct 12, 2020 UTC tiffegut Yes 0.02 2.51x 0.00000000
2:17AM, Oct 12, 2020 UTC tiffegut No 0.01 1.43x 0.01387100
2:15AM, Oct 12, 2020 UTC tiffegut Yes 0.3 2.51x 0.00000000
9:58PM, Oct 11, 2020 UTC codylundin69 Yes 0.01223976 2.52x 0.00000000
5:52AM, Oct 11, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.01100967 2.37x 0.00000000
5:44PM, Oct 10, 2020 UTC isami Yes 0.01896 2.35x 0.00000000
5:40PM, Oct 10, 2020 UTC isami Yes 0.01363 2.39x 0.00000000
7:02AM, Oct 10, 2020 UTC dextexuyin No 0.01739186 1.43x 0.02412425
10:45AM, Oct 9, 2020 UTC dextexuyin No 0.02334825 1.44x 0.03261284
2:58PM, Oct 3, 2020 UTC iAH47jK Yes 0.501 1.95x 0.00000000
10:00PM, Oct 2, 2020 UTC robertsonic No 0.005 1.40x 0.00679000
4:23PM, Oct 2, 2020 UTC lexnexus00 Yes 0.14716467 2.00x 0.00000000
12:15AM, Oct 2, 2020 UTC rafik19 No 0.031 1.64x 0.04931480
2:47PM, Oct 1, 2020 UTC resolve Yes 0.0195153 1.90x 0.00000000
9:24AM, Sep 30, 2020 UTC dextexuyin No 0.01 1.57x 0.01522900
12:21AM, Sep 29, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.066 1.90x 0.00000000
9:37AM, Sep 28, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.02 1.89x 0.03666600
4:18AM, Sep 28, 2020 UTC robertsonic No 0.005 1.89x 0.00916650
1:15PM, Sep 26, 2020 UTC dextexuyin No 0.04051261 1.86x 0.07309285
7:24AM, Sep 25, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.018 1.90x 0.03317400
3:31AM, Sep 24, 2020 UTC robertsonic No 0.005 1.90x 0.00921500
5:15PM, Sep 21, 2020 UTC LucyF Yes 0.015 1.65x 0.00000000
10:29PM, Sep 19, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.28913798 1.90x 0.53288130
7:55PM, Sep 19, 2020 UTC rot67 No 0.0216 1.90x 0.03980880
4:23PM, Sep 19, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.00523572 1.90x 0.00964943
3:35PM, Sep 19, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.00989 1.90x 0.01822727
2:23PM, Sep 18, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.02 1.83x 0.03550200
3:44AM, Sep 14, 2020 UTC madameirma Yes 0.014865 1.62x 0.00000000
9:15AM, Sep 9, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.051 1.68x 0.08310960
1:03AM, Sep 7, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.024 1.70x 0.03957600
6:40AM, Sep 6, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.015 1.70x 0.02473500
6:39AM, Sep 6, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.02 1.92x 0.03724800
10:37PM, Sep 5, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.005 1.92x 0.00931200
8:52PM, Sep 5, 2020 UTC Zarathustra Yes 0.04 1.50x 0.00000000
12:39AM, Sep 2, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.03 1.46x 0.00000000
4:57PM, Aug 30, 2020 UTC Smartisan Yes 0.009 1.55x 0.00000000
11:09PM, Aug 29, 2020 UTC bafonix No 0.0089 1.91x 0.01648903
5:42PM, Aug 22, 2020 UTC Dilu Yes 0.0053 1.61x 0.00000000
3:11AM, Aug 19, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.02 1.50x 0.02910000
9:27PM, Jul 31, 2020 UTC bengals45 Yes 0.02591036 2.00x 0.00000000
3:04AM, Jul 21, 2020 UTC jonnyq Yes 0.45 2.04x 0.00000000
7:53PM, Jul 17, 2020 UTC Carnitastaco No 0.02122966 1.40x 0.02882988
7:28AM, Jul 16, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.01601556 1.40x 0.02174913
4:44PM, Jul 13, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.75 1.71x 0.00000000
7:17PM, Jul 12, 2020 UTC Blackspiody No 0.008526 1.40x 0.01157831
2:02AM, Jul 11, 2020 UTC Ichise Yes 0.4404 2.21x 0.00000000
12:30AM, Jul 3, 2020 UTC Carnitastaco No 0.05 1.40x 0.06790000
2:48AM, Jul 2, 2020 UTC bm870599519652 No 0.4 1.50x 0.58200000
8:14PM, Jun 27, 2020 UTC rebelancerian No 0.02 1.51x 0.02929400
12:24AM, Jun 26, 2020 UTC sinmantky No 0.01 1.61x 0.01561700
10:49PM, Jun 7, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.0052 1.50x 0.00000000
8:01AM, May 11, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.01 1.52x 0.01474400
7:59AM, May 11, 2020 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.01 1.40x 0.00000000
6:11PM, May 8, 2020 UTC Zarathustra Yes 0.052 1.27x 0.00000000
1:53PM, Apr 29, 2020 UTC OnlineDegen No 0.324 2.07x 0.65055960
4:13PM, Apr 3, 2020 UTC Anonymous No 0.031 2.00x 0.06014000
5:32PM, Mar 19, 2020 UTC ContentConifer No 0.00692207 2.00x 0.01342882
8:16AM, Mar 11, 2020 UTC connor5055 No 0.13 2.01x 0.25346100
9:02PM, Mar 7, 2020 UTC netscout1 No 0.1122 2.00x 0.21766800
6:31PM, Mar 7, 2020 UTC netscout1 No 0.1124 2.02x 0.22023656
12:43PM, Feb 20, 2020 UTC RonMexico Yes 0.01 1.20x 0.00000000
7:37PM, Feb 18, 2020 UTC 3ttt Yes 0.01 1.50x 0.00000000
8:27PM, Dec 20, 2019 UTC 3ttt Yes 0.05 2.00x 0.00000000
10:24PM, Dec 19, 2019 UTC 3ttt Yes 0.07 2.00x 0.00000000
7:46PM, Dec 2, 2019 UTC Zarathustra Yes 0.02 1.90x 0.00000000
1:00AM, Dec 2, 2019 UTC posclegom Yes 0.55446503 2.00x 0.00000000
5:37PM, Nov 28, 2019 UTC ryuukai No 0.01 1.70x 0.01649000
8:05AM, Nov 26, 2019 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.016 1.90x 0.00000000
9:52PM, Nov 19, 2019 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.02739543 2.10x 0.00000000
3:21AM, Nov 17, 2019 UTC Anonymous Yes 0.066 2.18x 0.00000000
9:59AM, Nov 13, 2019 UTC Eirik Yes 0.01 2.18x 0.00000000
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Blackspiody 3:59AM, Nov 9, 2020 UTC
@isami resolution date was clear when you made the bet, why complain now? "Betting on NO means he was unable to win for any reason". Trump is unable to win at this point, so the bet is over. "NO" won, that's my point of view. And from my point of view, a delay past swearing in ceremony is unreasonable. A refund is profoundly unreasonable.
isami 2:30AM, Nov 9, 2020 UTC
@Blackspiody If this has been determined by the BIG or MASS MEDIA, there shouldn't be any rules from the start hahaha LOL
isami 2:28AM, Nov 9, 2020 UTC
@Blackspiody in fact this bet is NOT determined by major media like another bet in this betmoose . for example "Final results with major media announcements of the winner. Without a consensus, such as with the 2000 recount that involved the U.S. Supreme Court, the outcome may be delayed until certain."
Blackspiody 1:33AM, Nov 9, 2020 UTC
They were happy with the resolution date when they made the bet, why complain now? Because they lost. That's why they contend it, that's why they're asking for a refund. So when is it going to be that they're happy? When the GSA calls the election? When the electoral votes are cast on Dec 14th? When Biden gets sworn in? I know it's a lost cause with these guys, but I might as well ask. When do you consider this resolved? GSA, electoral votes, or swearing in ceremony?
Blackspiody 1:28AM, Nov 9, 2020 UTC
@isami I don't see how another bet has anything to do with this one. What happens when the General Services Administration, in the federal government recognize Joe Biden as the winner and start transition (which usually happens when before the electoral college votes are cast)? What happens when the electoral votes are cast? What happens when Joe Biden is sworn in? These guys went from "let's wait a bit, you know?" to "refund please!". You give an inch, they take a mile.
isami 12:43AM, Nov 9, 2020 UTC
@Blackspiody You're totally wrong bro, because on the other hand there are rules very diferent with this bet and inside there are rules "Final results with major media announcements of the winner. Without a consensus, such as with the 2000 recount that involved the U.S. Supreme Court, the outcome may be delayed until certain." and this is different from what we are betting here.
Blackspiody 11:12PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
@Ichise I know enough to say with conviction that there is deep institutional consensus on who's winning, and who's practically won. You're going to want to delay, delay, delay because you're sore losers. First to electoral vote Issuance on Dec 14th, then swearing in ceremony, then probably "tHeRe's sTiLl a lAwSuIt, we dOn'T kNoW WhO ThE PrEsiDEnT Is!" You all had no objection of resolution date until you lost. What a coincidence. Keep grasping at straws.
Blackspiody 11:06PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
@Ichise HAHAHA! You're really THAT ignorant!? That's just rich. I'm not from Guatemalan, I have Guatemalan papers because that place is a lawless semi-taxhaven. Of all people, you'd think people using bitcoin would know that creating a a certain digital footprint helps one fly under the gov's radar.
Ichise 10:16PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
@Blackspiody You are from Guatemala, you know nothing of what is going on in America right now but the media. I know people, this election is complicated and there is proof of fraud. Stop being antagonistic and chill for the December call.
garbagebaby 9:48PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
@140401 I don't think we should be relying on "the media" for anything, whether they use "projected" or "elected" or any other term. The media simply does not determine who won the American election, period - the electoral college does that. Regardless, the decision logic does not mention the media. To put it simply, I would not have put money on this bet if I thought it was going to be determined by the opinions of some partisan hack journalists.
garbagebaby 9:44PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
@Hodgkinson The fact that you took the time to track down my old comments is incredibly creepy, stalkerish, and weird. I can't say I'm surprised. With that said, I was okay with an early payout four years ago because one of the two candidates conceded. If you're incapable of understanding the differences between this situation and that one, I really just don't want to waste any more time talking to you.
FreedomOfTrade 8:44PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
In the decision logic it specifies that the bet is about re-election, not the results voted on by citizens. I think it's wisest to wait for the lawsuits and how the electoral collage votes. I know I'm biased because I put it all on Trump but it wouldn't really be fair if the payouts for Biden happen now and then in december we find out Trump stays in office. Has anyone who bet Biden received their payout yet?
Kodo 8:02PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
@Blackspiody I agree, no refunds. Lets wait to see how the recounts and lawsuit play out. Then pay whoever wins.
Kodo 7:58PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
@jblndsl "So while the winner is all but decided, we should wait at least for that". I agree, some common sense here.
jblndsl 5:25PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
Of course, there will be no refund, this would run contrary to the site's interests. In football, no bets are refunded if an illegal goal is allowed to stand, so no need to worry about this. You should just roll with Mr Biden and exercise some patience :)
Blackspiody 5:23PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
And from my point of view that's exactly how Karens operate. Turn a reasonable request "I want to speak to the manager" into a falsely indignant demand that they be given special treatment. For example, like, say... A refund on a bet they're pretty obviously going to lose.
Blackspiody 5:21PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
I'm not as agravanted... I'm just dropping down a reality check on these guys before they keep shifting the conversation. Does anybody really think that the Georgia recount is going to affect results? Really? GEORGIA!? LOL. Moreover, anybody in the USA can file a lawsuit over anything. The fact there's lawsuits says nothing about legitimacy of voter fraud allegations. I was on board with a delay until they started talking about refunds, no.
jblndsl 4:59PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
Blackspiody, no need to get aggravated over this. It's only fair enough that Trump backers cling onto every last bit of hope and frankly, we don't even have a final result yet. So while the winner is all but decided, we should wait at least for that. Imo, you have nothing to worry about if you backed Biden, Betmoose will resolve this in a timely manner and according to the official final result.
jblndsl 4:56PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
Of course, there will be no such thing as a refunded bet, what kind of nonsensical idea is this. If y'all prefer to wait, that is probably fair enough, however, this will be resolved with the official result and the EC delivering their votes in December. Currency risk is part and parcel of this bet, unfortuantely, there is nothing we can do about that.
Blackspiody 4:47PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
Sore losers want to complain into a refund. And even with overwhelming institutional consensus, they want to delay this? You wanna wait until president-elect Biden is president, you're needlessly delaying this. What worries me the most is that even when electoral votes are cast, even when Biden is sworn in, we're still arguing here because "tHeRe's sTiLl a lAwSuIt, We dOn't kNoW WhO ThE PrEsIdEnT Is!"
AHamilton 3:00PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
No holder here. Given the contentious nature, I also don't mind to at least wait a couple days and see if any legal challenges even emerge. I think BetMoose is a great site, and I think those who bet Yes will probably never bet again if they feel it's been decided too early. That said I'd like to see some serious reason to keep going in, say, 3-4 days, and not to just let this go on forever b/c Trump doesn't concede.
Kodo 2:27PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
If voter fraud or irregularities are proven in court and Donald Trump ends up the winner, it means Donald Trump won the 2020 re-election. Simple as
140401 12:21PM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
We bet on Trump as elected president. Media reports that Biden is a PROJECTED president. It's not fair to resolve this bet until they declare the elected president.
mrksdiehl 10:06AM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
I don't want a refund. All I want is that we wait until the legal process is being played out. I agree, that if there is only remaining legal challenges in states that, even if they would flip, would not alter the outcome, that it can be resoloved. Until then, the result is not and the safe thing is to wait. I don't really understand how this can be controversial, so I trust betmoose will treat it as such.
Eirik 9:57AM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
@garbagebaby, Its up to Betmoose at this point. If it was up to me I would wait. I sat the resolution time to one day after the election. This time has passed a long time a go and I needed to pick a winner. Lets hope the moderators do the right thing
Hodgkinson 9:56AM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
Also @garbagebaby, I notice you were happy with an early payout four years ago, you didn’t suggest waiting until December or January back then. @donuthole it sounds like we are in agreement that we are happy to wait for reasonable resolution but that refunding bets would be absurd. I would think that in a few days trump will have been either persuaded to concede, or he may well unveil whatever his master plan is.
Hodgkinson 9:52AM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
@garbagebaby im sure you consider “leftist” as an insult but in my country we aren’t defined by our political beliefs. In this case I merely bet on an election outcome that I thought was statistically more likely. I strongly disagree that refunding bets would be in anyway fair and I challenge you to honestly state you would be happy with that outcome if our positions were reversed.
donuthole 9:38AM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
@Hodgkinson I misunderstood your question, there's hearsay that some are refunding and if I find them I'll let you know, but unless aliens invade and destroy the planet the situation should be pretty clear cut soon and refunds shouldn't be considered.
donuthole 9:35AM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
@garbagebaby come now, I'm pretty sure Eirik isn't responsible for this election ballsup. It's not like there's been a comparable incident in history, even the big companies are struggling to settle this.
Hodgkinson 9:33AM, Nov 8, 2020 UTC
@donuthole the articles don’t list a refund for bettors. They suggest the bet agencies think there is such a small chance that fraud allegations will be proven that it is worth the risk to them.

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