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U.S. Presidential Election Winner 2016

U.S. Presidential Election Winner 2016


What will be the result of the 2016 United States presidential election?
The other proposition for this bet is heavily time-weighed and does not offer odds that encourage late betting. Now that we are just 2 weeks away from election day, a new proposition is appropriate so that we can all bet again during the final stretch.
Good luck!

Decision Logic

The candidate that wins 270+ Electoral College votes at the 2016 presidential election will be settled as winner. Any subsequent events will have no effect on the settlement of this market.
If no candidate wins 270+ Electoral College votes, we wait and the person chosen as President will be settled as winner.
If DT/HC withdraw before the election, this proposition will close early and refund bets made after the news breaks. Bets made before stand.

CLOSING IN2016-11-08 09:00:00

7:49AM, Oct 25, 2016 UTC

9:00AM, Nov 8, 2016 UTC

9:00AM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC

RESOLVED AT 9:02AM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC

Total Volume: 102.9

This bet has been resolved!

The outcome was "Trump"

102.92269475 was split between 67 bettors.
# of Bets:100
# of Bets:67
Any Other President
# of Bets:14


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ad582b26 6:22AM, Nov 11, 2016 UTC
Still waiting. Might want to increase the amount you pay for the transaction fee. This is the longest I've waited for a transaction.
MrFreeze 7:43PM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
Paid! Thanks!
garbagebaby 7:43PM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
I have received my payout, and what a payday it was! Thank you Avalon for the prompt customer service. I will be using Betmoose in the future - great site.
50red 6:22PM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
I received mine. MAGA!
Avalon 5:40PM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
Hot wallet needed to be refilled and there was some confirmation delay with bitcoin as always; you should receive it soon. Please create user accounts for instant payout in the future.
MrFreeze 5:40PM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
I have no Idea, it was my first bet here.
garbagebaby 5:30PM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
Is it normal for there to be a delay like this?
MrFreeze 3:46PM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
I have not recieved anything either.
garbagebaby 3:29PM, Nov 10, 2016 UTC
Has this actually paid out? I didn't receive my anonymous bet's winnings yet...
transmorgy 7:23PM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
Sorry for anyone that lost a huge amount. Don't give up. Keep your head up!
ad582b26 9:07AM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
We can't be that stupid when we just out predicted you.
machete 8:46AM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
Should have known better... W Bush was after all elected twice. Never under estimate the stupidity of man kind.
ventureman 8:20AM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
**** is happening
umami 3:14AM, Nov 9, 2016 UTC
How wrong I was. Looks like everyone who bet Trump is going to make good money. Very well done.
sirlanka 9:26AM, Nov 8, 2016 UTC
Bets can still be placed here:
umami 9:00AM, Nov 8, 2016 UTC
Closing in 5 seconds. Trumps gunna lose.
umami 2:04AM, Nov 8, 2016 UTC
The polls are all wrong. They were wrong in the primaries. There was a massive surprise turnout in Republican votes for Trump. The same will happen in the general election. Add that surprise percentage to the 4 battle ground states and Trump can't lose. Thanks for the cheese!
machete 12:34AM, Nov 8, 2016 UTC
Yes bet for Trump! lol
umami 9:01PM, Nov 7, 2016 UTC
A Trump bet is free money. Get your BTC in there.
praine 8:33PM, Nov 7, 2016 UTC
You must be a pretty big idiot then, dude.
umami 8:32PM, Nov 7, 2016 UTC
Trump bets are getting 3 to 1 on their money. You'd be an idiot to NOT bet on Trump.
Sotaborn 2:17PM, Nov 7, 2016 UTC
Best odds currently
umami 8:26PM, Nov 6, 2016 UTC
Still great odds for Trump. Get that btc in there, centipedes! Make my btc wallet great again!
Eirik 2:39PM, Nov 6, 2016 UTC
**** it, lets hope Trump wins now!
Asnoman 8:03PM, Oct 25, 2016 UTC
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